41st Annual Conference: Sessions & PDFs

10 Feb

The 2014 Annual Conference was a great success! With so many fantastic sessions and speakers, we know you’ve all been waiting for the post-conference slideshows to be posted. Click on the links below to view the presentation details and PDFs and don’t forget to join us next year for the 42nd Annual Conference!

Captain Kabak at the 2014 Tall Ships America Conference Engineering Workshop

Pre Conference Workshop

Marine Engineering for Deckineers

Safety Under Sail Forum

Session 1: Safety Aloft II – Next Steps

Session 2: Lessons Learned from Time Spent in a Life Raft

General Session: Cold Water Survival Bootcamp

Session 3: Timing is Everything -May Day, Pan Pan

Session 4: Moderated Open Forum

Education Under Sail Forum

Session 1: STEM Programs 2.0

Session 2: Promoting Learning Conversations

Session 3: An Honest and Open Discussion With Funders

Session 4: Sustaining Your Marine Ed Program

Tuesday Conference

Keynote Address: Dr. Raymond Ashley

Session 1A: Advanced Marine Weather

Session 1B: New Program Showcase A (America’s Freedom Sailor, iGyre & Marimed Foundation)

Session 1C: Changing Tacks – Benchmarking and Discovering Alternative Compensation for Your Crew

Session 1D: Youth Forum

General Session: The Lessons of the Bounty – Drawing Experience from Tragedy

 General Session: Program Spotlights (Barque EAGLE, Sail Training International, United States Power Squadron & Tall Ships Challenge)

Session 2A: When to Call in the Pros

Session 2B: Data Analytics I

Session 2C: Performing Under Pressure: Training For and Responding To Crisis

Session 3A: Navigating the Regulatory Seas

Session 3B: Promotions – What’s the Next Great Idea?

Session 3C: The Living Ship Initiative – Adventuress as a Model for a Sustainable Maritime Industry & Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean

Session 3D: Tuning Up Your Governance Rigging

Wednesday Conference

General Session: The Loss of the Bounty

Session 4A: Data Analytics Part 2 – What are you going to do with the numbers?

Session 4B: Dealing With Shock Losses – how the insurance market reacts and what you can do about it

Session 4C: Hot Topics in Marine Biology

Session 4D: Mirror Mirror – How your volunteer program represents your organization

Annual Meeting and Elections

Session 5A: Social Media Makeover – Are you reaching the right people?

Session 5B: Crisis Management and the Media

Session 5C: Weather 101

Session 5D: New Program Showcase B (United States Power Squadron & Safe Harbor Pictures)

Session 6A: USCG/Tall Ships America:Together on the Solution Side of Rigging Inspection

Session 6B: Program Showcase C (Pride in the Chesapeake & Update on Charles W. Morgan)

Session 6C: Millennial Mates -Training Your Middle Managers

Session 6D: HR and You – An Up toDate Guide to Understanding Hiring, Firing and Other Legalities of Having Employees

Closing Remarks: Jonathan Boulware


Meet & Greet Cocktail Reception

hosted by the Wydham San Diego Bayfront Hotel

Welcome Reception aboard Star of India

hosted by the Maritime Museum of San Diego

Dinner aboard the Steam Ferry Berkeley

sponsored by Tall Ships® Festival Los Angeles 2014, San Diego Festival of Sail 2014, and Dana Point Tall Ships® Festival 2014

Annual Sail Training Awards Banquet and GALA (with Doc Rock-It)

sponsored by Allen Insurance and Financial

Lane Briggs Memorial Tea Party

in memory of Lane Briggs

2013 Sail Training Awards

7 Feb

For three days in San Diego, CA, attendees at Tall Ships America’s 41st Annual Conference on Sail Training and Tall Ships discussed maritime issues, learned about new regulations in the industry, networked with sail trainers from around the country, and left feeling inspired, motivated, and eager to implement all they learned within their own organizations. The conference ended with the gala sail training awards dinner, sponsored by Allen Insurance and Financial, which honored a select group of sail trainers and supporters who have been recognized by their peers and fellow sail trainers for their outstanding contributions to the world of sail training.

The evening began with the awards for the 2013 TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Race Series.  The winners for the following categories are:

Youth Sail Training and Education – Assesses a port’s efforts and success in facilitating youth participation on board TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® participating vessels in the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Races/Cruises in Company, educational programs offered during the event, and educational outreach to the port community –  Tall Ships® Chicago (Navy Pier, Chicago, IL)

Operations, Logistics, Marketing and Promotions –Assess Port’s efforts and success in promoting and marketing the event and in execution of delivery. New programs, innovations, expansions of access, etc., are especially considered -  Redpath Waterfront  Festival Toronto (Toronto, ON)

Economic Impact – Mathematical calculations based on a ratio of reported total expenses/economic impact –  Tall Ships® Chicago (Navy Pier, Chicago, IL)

Ship and Crew Vote – Based on reports from participating vessels and crew, per a standardized questionnaire –  Tall Ship® Celebration: Bay City (Bay City, MI)

Best New Port – Ports or port organizers which are new to the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® are evaluated by Tall Ships America according to their scores in the above categories – Tall Ships® Hamilton 2013 (Hamilton, ON)

Port City of the Year – Awarded to the port which obtains the highest average in the categories above, demonstrating significant support of Tall Ships America and furthering public recognition of sail training – Tall Ship® Celebration: Bay City (Bay City, MI)

Port City of the Year, accepted by Shirley Roberts(center) of Tall Ship(R) Celebration:Bay City. From L to R: Colin McLean (Halifax, Port of the Year 2012), Erin Short TSC Manager, Shirley Roberts, Mike Rauworth, Tall Ships America Chairman

Port City of the Year, accepted by Shirley Roberts(center) of Tall Ship(R) Celebration:Bay City. From L to R: Colin MacLean (Halifax, Port of the Year 2012), Erin Short TSC Manager, Shirley Roberts, Mike Rauworth, Tall Ships America Chairman

In addition, the Perry Bowl which is awarded to the top finishing Tall Ships America member vessel in the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Great Lakes 2013 race series was presented to Pride of Baltimore II (Baltimore, MD), for winning first place in four out of the five races this summer.

Crew from Pride of Baltimore II accepts the award. From L to R - Captain Jan Miles, Eliza Braunstein, Will McLean, Captain Jamie Trost (holding a copy of the winning crew list) and Michael Rauworth, Chairman of Tall Ships America

Crew from Pride of Baltimore II accepts the award. From L to R – Captain Jan Miles, Eliza Braunstein, Will McLean, Captain Jamie Trost (holding a copy of the winning crew list) and Michael Rauworth, Chairman of Tall Ships America

Special Recognition was given to Patricia Lock for her role as TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Director. Patti has served as TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Director since 2008 and is transitioning to Special Projects for Tall Ships America.

Members of the Tall Ships America staff present Patti Lock with a Special Recognition award.

Members of the Tall Ships America staff present Patti Lock (center) with a Special Recognition award.

The TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® award were followed by the annual presentation of the sail training awards. the award recipients nominated by the Tall Ships America membership and the final winners are selected by the nominees by Board of Directors and staff of Tall Ships America.

Volunteer of the Year – Awarded to an individual member of Tall Ships America who has significantly advanced our overall mission – Captain Rick Miller, Maine Maritime Academy

Captain Rick Miller receives the Volunteer of the Year award from Captain Jen Haddock

Captain Rick Miller receives the Volunteer of the Year award from Captain Jen Haddock

Sail Trainer of the Year –Awarded to a member of Tall Ships America who has made a significant contribution to sail training through the demonstration of leadership by means of empowerment and inspiration –  CAPT Wes Pulver, USCG Barque EAGLE

CAPT Wes Pulver receives the Sail Trainer of the Year award from former EAGLE captain, Eric Shaw

CAPT Wes Pulver receives the Sail Trainer of the Year award from former EAGLE captain, Eric Shaw

Sail Training Program of the Year –Awarded to a current Tall Ships America member program that significantly contributes to the development of seamanship, navigation skills, teamwork, and leadership skills. The program must be offered aboard a USCG (or national equivalent) inspected vessel, must be offered by certified/qualified personnel, must have clear training goals and a curriculum which is compatible to the Tall Ships America sail training logbook and must offer students the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge at sea by participating as active trainees in the running of the vessel –   Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI) Tall Ship Expeditions aboard the Tole Mour

Representatives from CIMI accept the award for Sail Training Program of the Year

Representatives from CIMI accept the award for Sail Training Program of the Year

Sea Education Program of the Year  – Awarded to a program offered by a current Tall Ships America member which significantly contributed to the educational credibility of programs under sail. The program must be offered in conjunction with a school, school system, school group or other recognized educational institution, must have a clear curriculum of educational goals which are compatible with curriculum goals of traditional schools and must have qualified instructors on a certified vessel- San Diego Maritime Museum

Executive Director of San Diego Maritime Museum, Raymond Ashley, accepts the award for Sea Education Program from Michael Rauworth

Executive Director of San Diego Maritime Museum, Raymond Ashley, accepts the award for Sea Education Program from Michael Rauworth

Lifetime Achievement Awards are presented to  individuals who have dedicated their life’s work to getting people to sea under sail and who have worked to preserve the traditions and skills of sail training. This year, they were awarded to Captain Jim Wehan of Ocean Institute Dana Point and to Tall Ships America Commodore, Nancy Richardson

Lifetime Achievement Jim Wehan

Captain Jim Wehan receives the Lifetime Achievement award from Dan Stetson, President and CEO of Ocean Institute, and Michael Rauworth, Chairman of Tall Ships America

Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Nancy Richardson by Michael Rauworth

Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Nancy Richardson by Michael Rauworth

Safety Under Sail Forum: Lessons Learned from Time in a Life Raft

31 Jan

Safety Under Sail Forum: Lessons Learned from Time in a Life Raft

Jessica Hewitt
Mario Vittone, VLink Corporation, Author
Captain Bill Curry, Saltchuk

Join a USCG rescue swimmer and two mariners who have spent time in life rafts for an interactive discussion on lessons learned from emergency use of rafts. Take away techniques and ideas that will fortify crew training and emergency drills in your operation, be that offshore or coastwise.

Handouts for the session
Bill Curry – Session Topics
SV Concordia Life Raft Suggestions

Continue reading

Education Under Sail Forum: STEM Programs 2.0

31 Jan

Education Under Sail Forum: STEM Programs 2.0

Jessica Servis, US Sailing
Allison Schutes, Ocean Conservancy
Rachael MillerRozalia Project

Engaging, ready to go, and free programs relevant for ship-and land-based sailing and marine education programs. Includes US Sailing’s REACH Program, Rozalia Project’s Mission Atlantic/Mission Pacific Coast, and an introduction to the Ocean Conservancy’s new STEM program.


STEM Programs 2.0 – Jessica Servis

Rozalia Project – Rachael Miller



Jessica Servis

Jessica Servis

Jessica Servis

Jessica has driven US Sailing’s REACH program from its inception in 2012 to now include over 200 organizations and impacting 7,500 students in 2013. Previously, Jessica was the Executive Director of Just-Sailing. She specializes in accessible sailing for kids and adults with special needs. She earned a MA in special education from Rowan University and has over 15 years of formal and informal teaching experience

 Allison Schutes

Allison Schutes

Allison Schutes

Allison Schutes is the Trash Free Seas Program Coordinator for Ocean Conservancy. Allison works primarily to engage the public in the issue of ocean trash, focusing on reduction and prevention strategies. Allison also spearheads the development of comprehensive and effective educational content to supplement the International Coastal Cleanup and Trash Free Seas Program. Prior to working at Ocean Conservancy, Allison worked five years in marine education, teaching youth of all ages about marine animals and conservation efforts. Allison received a B.A. with honors in Psychology from RollinsCollege and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Planning from the University of Florida.  Although currently in Washington, DC, Allison is at home when on the water, returning to Florida or any coastline as often as possible.

 Rachael Miller

Rachael Miller

Rachael Miller

Rachael Miller is the co-founder/Director of the Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean whose mission is to develop and implement solutions for a clean and healthy ocean through innovation, education, cleanup and research from aboard American Promise a Ted Hood 60’ and dockside locations across the country. She is a member of the US Sailing Training Committee, is a Level 1 and 2 Instructor Trainer and holds a USCG 50 ton Master’s license. She was co-founder of the first ROV-supported shipwreck tour company in North America and works with ROV manufacturer, VideoRay to train ROV pilots. Rachael’s background is in marine studies and underwater archaeology which she studied at BrownUniversity. She lives in Vermont and loves to ski as much as sail.

Safety Under Sail Forum: Timing is Everything

31 Jan

Safety Under Sail Forum: Timing is Everything -May Day, Pan Pan

Mario Vittone,  VLink Corporation
Commander Jeffrey Janszen, USCG
CAPT Timothy Farley, USCG Office of Investigations & Casualty Analysis
Captain John Eginton, Mystic Whaler

When someone is injured, or the water is rising, or machinery has failed, weather is deteriorating –experience has shown that mariner’s frequently wait to notify rescue services of their condition. A call to have that service on standby can shave hours off their arrival time if you end up needing them on the scene. A panel of mariners and USCG experts will discuss this topic. Continue reading

Session Preview: New Program Showcase C

30 Jan

New Program Showcase C


Pride on the Chesapeake

Charles W. Morgan

1. Pride on the Chesapeake

With a matching grant from the Maryland 1812 Bicentennial Commission, Pride, Inc, developed its first experiential education program under sail.  “Pride on the Chesapeake” is focused on educating a new generation about their maritime heritage and how Pride and Pride II are continuing traditions than began over 200 years ago.  The half-day sailing program engages students in hands-on activities such as setting sail and steering the ship, as well as “minds-on” activities, such as comparing hull models of a Baltimore Clipper and a 19th century cargo design, envisioning the Bay without bridges or roads, and examining disparate viewpoints about the decision to go to war in 1812.  The combination of physical science, history, geography, and humanities aboard a classroom on the water makes “Pride on the Chesapeake” unique, even in a region that is home to many high caliber programs.

Jamie Trost

Captain Jamie Trost

Captain Jamie Trost

Jamie Trost is a Partner Captain for Pride of Baltimore II and has been sailing aboard Tall Ships for 15 years.  An Erie, PA native, he grew up sailing on Lake Erie and from an early age was fascinated by the 1812 History embodied in the US Brig Niagara.  In 2013 Jamie spearheaded the development of Pride II’s first underway educational programs, which focus on the pivotal role of Baltimore Privateers in the War of 1812.  In addition to his maritime experience, his writing and photographs have been published in Time Asia, The MoJo Wire, Sailing, and Chesapeake Bay Magazine.  He also speaks Japanese, having taught English in the small farming town of Bisei-Cho in Okayama Prefecture.

2. Update on the Charles W. Morgan Project

In the summer of 2014, Mystic Seaport will sail the 1841 whaleship CHARLES W. MORGAN to various ports in CT, RI and MA. Accompanying the vessel will be a 20,000 square foot exhibit set up on shore. This presentation will be an overview of the plans for this historic 38th Voyage.

Shannon McKenzie

Shannon McKenzie

Shannon McKenzie

Shannon McKenzie has worked at Mystic Seaport in the Watercraft Preservation and Programs department for seven years. In this capacity, she coordinates, among other things, the Schooner BRILLIANT program, the operation of the National Historic Landmark SABINO, access to the collection of ~500 boats in storage, and the voyage planning for the Charles. W. Morgan. Prior to Mystic Seaport, Shannon worked for Sea Education Association on board the vessels, then as the Marine Operations Coordinator, hiring crew and arranging port logistics.

Session Preview: New Program Showcase B

30 Jan

New Program Showcase B


USPS Tall Ships America Spotlight

USPS Tall Ships America Spotlight II


1.United States Power Squadron
The United States Power Squadrons represents 100 years of experience in boating education and service to the recreational boating public. USPS presents a broad range of courses and seminars covering all phases of boating needs.  Their educational offerings range from knot tying and seamanship to passage planning, weather, and celestial navigation.  In this presentation Bob Palmer & Don Stark will present some success stories of USPS and Tall Ship America ooperative efforts.  They will explore how USPS member squadrons and Tall Ships can build relationships and work together to support each other’s programs and objectives.

Don Stark

Don Stark

Don Stark

Donald Stark, Aide to the National Education Officer is a life member of USPS.  In his professional life Don spent 32 years in secondary and adult education. He has 3 sailboats including a gaff-rigged catboat and has a love of traditional ships (especially schooners).

Robert Palmer

Robert Palmer

Robert Palmer

Rear Commander Robert Palmer, Senior Navigator, currently serves as Assistant National Educational Officer for the United States Power Squadrons (USPS).  Palmer previously served as Chairman of the Boat Handling Committee in 2009 – 2010 and held the position of District Educational Officer for USPS’ District 5 in 2006 – 2009. After joining USPS as a member in 1978, Palmer went on to serve as Commander and Educational Officer of Richmond Sail & Power Squadron.  When he became a Life Member in 2006, he served as District 5 Educational Officer beginning in April of the same year.  Palmer achieved Senior Member status in 1983 denoting achieving 5 Merit Marks. Palmer was educated at Virginia Military Institute in Civil Engineering in Lexington, Virginia and completed his post-graduation work in Engineering at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and StateUniversity.  He has an extensive boating background in both sail and power boating, and he has also over the years taught many of the USPS courses and seminars to new and experienced boaters. In his professional background, Palmer’s achievements includes over 40 years of engineering, engineering management, and general project management for a large international manufacturing company with a focus to achieve business excellence in several major market zones.

2. Safe Harbor Pictures

Meet Safe Harbor Pictures – a team of sailors, entertainment professionals and technology experts – who have set out to help grow the world of tall ships using innovative and interactive media strategies. Their premiere project Sail Away is the first of many high quality film and web series being produced with the goal of inspiring the global tall ships community to come together and share their own seagoing adventure stories in whatever creative ways they like.

Robert Margouleff,
Chairman, Safe Harbor Pictures, Inc.

Robert Margouleff

Robert Margouleff

Robert’s love for sailing was born as a teenage sail instructor in Long Island, NY. The original visionary behind Safe Harbor Pictures, Inc., Robert brings his inestimable passion for sailing, and his respect and esteem for the international sailing community, to the mission of the company. After a successful career in the music industry, Robert added filmmaker to his resume with the release of his production Tall Ships: The Privateer Lynx in 2009. Best known for his five years as recording engineer, synthesist and co-producer on Stevie Wonder’s most legendary albums, including Fulfillingness’ First Finale, Talking Book, and Music of My Mind, Margouleff won the Grammy for his1973 recording of Innervisions. Robert moved into the motion picture industry in the late 1990s with the creation of his state-of-the-art audio studio, Mi Casa Multimedia. Mi Casa became a leader in the industry, mixing hundreds of major film and music releases over its nearly 15 years.

Jon Karlin
President, Safe Harbor Pictures, Inc.

Jon Karlin

Jon Karlin

Jon’s track record as a Business Development and Marketing Executive in the upper echelons of the software and I.T. industries, combined with his experience founding, growing and guiding start-up’s, along with his decades on the water sailing and navigating, all inform his leadership at the helm of Safe Harbor Pictures. After his software start-up ZyLAB was sold in 2002, he was persuaded to join Microsoft, in no small part due to their offer not only to move his household cross-country from Annapolis, MD, but also his 37’ sailboat to Anacortes, WA, gateway to the San Juan Islands, British Columbia and the Inside Passage to Alaska. In his five years at Microsoft Corporation, he was responsible for the global competitive marketing strategy for the Windows Server product division. A serial entrepreneur, business model and tech innovator, Jon has also served as CEO and Co-Founder of Caliber Data, Inc., and as VP of Business Development for Impresys Software Corp.  

Christian Stark
Chief Technology Officer, Safe Harbor Pictures, Inc.

Christian Stark

Christian Stark

Christian brings decades of I.T. and Marketing expertise to Safe Harbor Pictures, along with a passionate commitment to the sailing community. Initially trained to design the perfect German Automobile using computers, Christian spent 15 years at Microsoft, another 3 years at various high-tech startups, and the last 2 years at AT&T designing, building and marketing software for PCs and mobile devices. He is an expert in web technologies, online and social media marketing – and looks for every opportunity to combine those skills with his passion for sailing. As a volunteer crewmember on the schooner Zodiac, he is known as the mobile app guy teaching traditional sailing and navigation skills with a high-tech spin. His latest project will bring the Zodiac into the digital age in time for her 90th anniversary in 2014: he is working to complete a 3D CAD model of the schooner using 3D laser scans of the hull and interior.


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