Cyber Monday – and your last day to register early


I am the worst when it comes to Christmas gifts. The worst. I am a terrible procrastinator and, compounded by the fact that I never know what to get anyone on my list, I’m always that person madly scrambling around at the last minute.  You’d think when it happens, year after year, I’d get wise to it. Nope. As I write this, I haven’t started the process yet.

So, if you are anything like me, you are no doubt in the same boat. But, I’m here to tell you that there is one thing you can do, right now, that once you do it, you won’t have to think about it any more and you can cross off your list. Register Early! (surprise!). Tomorrow the rates increase, boo.  But if you register today, you’ll save $100! Yay!

Do it for your peace of mind.

Today is also the last day that we will be accepting nominations for the annual sail training awards. Send us your nominees and help us celebrate those in our industry who deserve the recognition.

Black Friday – the easy way

Macy's on 34th Street, NYC on Black Friday. Photo: Forbes
 Black Friday. Photo: Forbes


Avoid the crowds and sleep in. The easiest deal this year is the one you get by registering early for the conference. Register today and save $100 when the fees increase on Monday, November 30th.

Since you got so much sleep and are firing on all cylinders, you should also consider nominating a sail trainer or a sail training organization for our annual sail training awards.


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day Register Early

Wee! It’s the most magical holiday of all – a whole day of eating, drinking, and merrymaking. Why don’t you grab that leftover turkey sandwich, head over to the computer and register for the conference? Early registration ends on November 30th and then the fee goes up $100. Missing this opportunity would not be merry. Not merry at all.

You still have time to submit your sail training nominations, too!

Hotel, agenda and general information is on our website. Crew grants are available!

Living la Vida Loca

We are, by and large, a pretty lucky group of people. We get to travel all over the world and see amazing things that most people can only dream of.

We put kids on boats, blow their minds a little bit, hopefully create a passion for adventure and learning that will stay with them for the rest of their lives, and then do it all again the next day.

We are truly  lucky people and, dare I say, livin’ la vida loca. Because what we do is crazy! Crazy awesome! We spend weeks at a time, with a dozen other people, in all kinds of weather, on a boat that we have a deeper relationship with than most people in our lives. And we love it! And we want other people to love it, too!

Come to Quebec City and hang out with other people living la vida loca! Learn about what sail training organizations are doing in New Zealand and South Africa. Meet people from all over the world! Proposed sessions are on our website and there are crew grants available.  There will be dancing and general revelry. Join us!

Early registration ends on November 30th, and it’s also the last day to submit your nominations for this year’s sail training awards.

One Week Remains


We are one week out from our first major deadline for the Annual Conference. Have you registered yet?  Early bird registration ends on November 30th which, in a cruel twist of fate, is the Monday after Thanksgiving. So, before the turkey coma makes you sooooo sleeeepy, be sure to register. At 0001 on December 1, registration fees increase by $100. We don’t accept excuses (we’ve seriously heard them all) and are generally heartless when it comes to exemptions.

Did a sail trainer or sail training program blow your socks off this year? Submit your nominations for our annual sail training awards! The deadline is, you guessed it, November 30th. Honor those who deserve to be recoginzed for their contributions to sail training and education. There are so many wonderful programs, volunteers and sail trainers out there, they deserve to be recognized for their hard work, enthusiasm and passion.

Check out the agenda for our proposed sessions and crew grants are still available.  What are you waiting for? Go go go!

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The Cup of Life

Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

I remember exactly where I was the day Ricky Martin broke America. It was 1999. I was a junior in college and watching the Grammy Awards with my roommates in our little apartment in Boulder, Colorado (Go Buffalos!).  Wine glasses paused mid sip as the music started and Ricky Martin emerged in those (admittedly, horrendous) leather pants. “Oh my god,” my roommate exclaimed, “That’s Miguel from General Hospital!”. To this day, this song makes me want to throw my hands in the air and sing along –

This video encapsulates how I feel about our annual conferences – basically, super excited. Excited to learn new things, meet new people, and, in this case, explore a new city.  This year’s conference will be truly international as we team up with Sail Training International. Our speakers will be representatives from sail training organizations that are trying innovative new things in their part of the world. It’s so exciting to think about all the new ideas and all the passion for sail training under one roof. Doesn’t it make you want shimmy a little bit in anticipation?

So Here We Go! We are registering early for the conference! Go Go Go! Olé Olé Olé!

Don’t forget we are still looking for sail training nominations! Who rocked your world like Ricky Martin rocked ours in 1999?

And conference grants are available!

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Conference Update – Everything you need to know


Deadlines are imminent!
Deadlines are sneaking up!

The conference (28-30 January, Quebec City) is steadily creeping up on us and, with it, those sneaky deadlines for saving money and booking rooms. Here are the dates that are looming and which you still have time to act upon.

Registration is now OPEN! Early bird rates increase by $100 on December 1st.

Once you register, make sure you book your room because the room rates increase on October 26th.

We are still looking for presenters for the conference. Share your knowledge and become a part of the conference. We want to hear from you! Deadline for submission is October 30th.

Who inspired you this year? Is there a person or program that has impressed you so much that you want everyone to know about it? Submit a nomination to the 2015 Sail Training Awards! Deadline for submission is December 1.

Conference Grants are now available! Thanks to the Liz Strojny Memorial Professional Development Conference Grants for Crew, there are a limited number available for those who qualify. First part of the qualification, you must be a Tall Ships America member.

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