San Pedro 2019: Conference Agenda

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Time is running out!

Hope everyone had a great holiday season!  Now it’s time to get planning that 2019 calendar and February is almost here!   We need you to register soon!   We’ve got some great events planned during the conference.

  • New!  LAMI hosted Tall Ship sunset sail on Tuesday evening!
  • Monday evening reception onboard the SS Lane Victory
  • We’re setting up an informal chantey sing at the popular Whale n Ale pub in downtown San Pedro for Tuesday evening
  • Free access throughout the conference to the LA Maritime Museum

Please visit to register today!

Administrators Forum: Open and honest fireside chat with funders

Administrators Forum – Monday, February 25

An open and honest fireside chat with funders

We know there are questions you’ve always wanted to ask the people who might fund your organization, but can’t because they might fund your organization and you don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. Here is your chance to ask those questions you’ve been too squeamish to ask. The funders on this panel know what’s coming and will answer honestly as well as share their best and worst experiences working as funders for organizations in their chosen area of interest (none fund tall ships, sailing, maritime museums, etc.). We will have people who represent corporate funders, individual donors and foundations.

Administrators Forum: Ditch the Box- A Study of One Non-Profit’s Inventive Approach to Fundraising

Administrators Forum – Monday, February 25

Ditch the Box: A Study of One Non-Profit’s Inventive Approach to Fundraising

In 2010 two Marines bypassed conventional avenues to stage a backdoor humanitarian aid effort into earthquake-ravaged Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Wanting to continue the work when they returned stateside, they created Team Rubicon, a non profit disaster response organization designed to get help on the ground fast following natural disasters, and simultaneously repurpose the skills of military veterans. Team Rubicon (TR) has since expanded from its initial four-man team to a 90,000-strong national and international volunteer force. The organization now boasts an impressive $30-35 million per year budget and donors that range from individual supporters to corporate sponsors, such as T-Mobile and Home Depot.

What spurred such rapid growth?

Join us for a chat with TR’s Chief Development Officer Nicole Capossela. Highly experienced in both corporate and non profit fundraising, Nicole will discuss the implementation of the out-of-the-box strategies that contributed to TR’s tremendous success, and how they can be adapted for organizations of any size.

Focus Session: Playing to the Strength of Geography- Using Geotargeting to Maximize Your Marketing Focus

Playing to the Strength of Geography: Using Geotargeting to Maximize Your Marketing Focus

Will Wright, Chief Creative Officer, Galveston Historical Foundation
Larry Cooke, Houston Chronicle

Location-based technology is opening up a whole new world of possibilities for marketers. From using cities and zip codes to getting as specific as IP address or device ID, marketers can target an audience based on their real time (and past) locations to make sure they are delivering the right message at the right time. In this session, Will Wright with Galveston Historical Foundation, and Larry Cooke with the Houston Chronicle will explain how their partnership helped to successfully drive visitors to the Tall Ships® Galveston event, as well as other organization events, this past April. Learn how you can apply this method to your own port event or use it to expand your program reach beyond your community.

Speaker Bios


Will Wright is the Chief Creative Officer for Galveston Historical Foundation and oversees GHF’s style in marketing, event production, media, and branding. He has worked at the foundation since 2011 and is a graduate of Rice University’s Center for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership, and is currently enrolled at Texas State University where he is working on his Masters of Fine Arts. Additionally, he is the co-producer of the Third Coast Music Festival and owner of the Galveston Island Beach Revue.