2019 – California here we come!

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San Pedro, California will be our host city for the 2019 Annual Tall Ships Conference!  Mark your calendar for February 25th, 26th and 27th with planned pre-conference workshops for the 23rd and 24th.   The conference will take place at the lovely Doubletree Hilton Marina hotel.

We are in the final process of launching a new web page platform for you to register, link to the hotel, submit your call for presenter applications and download agenda information as it comes.

Information will be posted on a regular basis in the next upcoming months.  For immediate questions you can email tracy@tallshipsamerica.org


Wanted: Presenters for the 2018 Conference

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Have something to say? I know you do. I’ve met most of you.

We are currently looking for presenters at our annual conference in New Orleans in February.

We are always looking for helpful, practical and real world information to provide our attendees. Additionally, if you have met someone who you think would be a great presenter on a relevant and interesting topic, encourage them to apply. There is so much we can learn from others who haven’t traditionally spoken to our tall ship community. Take a look at our past conferences to get an idea of topics and sessions.

We’d love to hear from you! More information about being a presenter is here (PDF)

Deadline is November 1st

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2018 Conference Registration is now open!



Early Bird conference registration is now OPEN! Click here to register for the 11th Maritime Heritage Conference and the 45th Annual Conference on Sail Training and Tall Ships

This year’s conference is in New Orleans, 15-17 February 2018. As in year’s past, we plan to have crew grant opportunities (to be announced). Safety Forum and Education Forum will be on February 14th.

There is more information about the conference on our website. Sign up for this blog to get all the news delivered to your inbox and you won’t miss anything important.

*Young Frankenstein will never not be funny for this announcement. Go ahead and watch the movie already.

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Registration opens September 1

Start saving those pennies!


Early Bird registration for the 11th Maritime Heritage Conference and the 45th Annual Conference on Sail Training and Tall Ships opens on September 1st.

Join us 15-17 February, at the New Orleans Marriott – French Quarter.

The Theme for the conference is Our Maritime Communities-Stronger Together. The Conference will offer a combination of focus sessions, plenary sessions, forums and Maritime Heritage paper presentations encompassing a broad array of topics.

Register now before prices increase by $100 at midnight November 30th.

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2018 Call For Speakers!


The theme for the conference is Our Maritime Communities-Stronger Together. The Conference will offer a combination of focus sessions, plenary sessions, forums and Maritime Heritage paper presentations encompassing a broad array of topics including:

♦ Media and Publications — Media & Publications
♦ Crew and Staff Training and Development
♦ Tall Ships, Sail Training and Education Under Sail
♦ Not for Profit Administration
♦ Marketing and Social Media
♦ Fund Development
♦ Vessel Operations and Safety
♦ Tall Ships® Events and Host Port
♦ Maritime and naval history
♦ Inland Water Commerce and seaport operations
♦ Maritime Art, Literature and Music
♦ Lighthouses and Lifesaving Stations
♦ Underwater Archaeology
♦ Oceanic Trade and Communications
♦ Shipbuilding
♦ Maritime Libraries, Archives, and Museums
♦ Maritime Heritage Education and Preservation
♦ Marine Science and Ocean Conservation
♦ National Maritime Sanctuaries
♦ Historic Preservation and Utilization of Structures and Vessels
♦ Marine Science and Ocean Conservation
♦ Maritime Heritage Education and Preservation
♦ The Maritime Heritage Grant Program

We invite you to share your knowledge and experience in one of these areas with Tall Ships America members and Maritime Heritage attendees.

Deadline for submission is 1 November. Visit our website for guidelines on how to submit your proposal.


Bring your game face and your useless knowledge


That’s right, nerds! Pub Trivia is BACK! Are you a fount of useless information and arcane facts? This night is for you!

Join us Tuesday, February 7th 9:00pm at the Tamo Bistro and Bar in the Seaport Hotel. Brian Holmen and Erin Short will be your quizmasters.  The grand prize will be the respect of your fellow sailors and bragging rights for the rest of the conference.

We are limiting team size to six people but there is no limit to how many teams we can have. You just have to have a witty name (make it good, people) and show up.  Help us kick off the 44th Annual Conference on Sail Training and Tall Ships!

Focus Session: Program Showcase – San Salvador, Oliver Hazard Perry

Program Showcase B

Presentations (PDF)
San Salvador Goes to Sea
Oliver Hazard Perry

Showcase 1: San Salvador Goes to Sea
Presenter: Dr. Ray Ashley

This presentation will cover the background of building the galleon San Salvador, including the construction, launching, rigging, certification, and training of the crew for the seven-week Pacific Heritage Tour.

Dr. Ray Ashley
Dr. Ray Ashley

Dr. Raymond Ashley is President/CEO of the Maritime Museum of San Diego. Growing up locally, he became director of the Maritime Museum of San Diego in 1995. He holds a BA in Anthropology from UCSD, a MA in Maritime History and Museum Studies from East Carolina University, and a PhD in History from Duke University, specializing in the history of science, technology and medicine. He has taught courses in history and archeology at UCSD and USD, has published papers in American Neptune and a number of other professional journals, and writes a column for the Maritime Museum’s peer reviewed journal Mains’l Haul.

Dr. Ashley has been sailing for most of his life since spending his senior year in high school on the schooner Westward and has sailed, built, restored, renovated and preserved ships for many years before he came to the Maritime Museum and in the years since. He is a licensed captain for sail, steam and auxiliary vessels of 200 tons domestic (500 tons international) registry, is the Star of India’s  navigator and sails as relief captain for the other vessels of the Museum’s active fleet including the State tall ship Californian, steam yacht Medea, Swift Boat PCF 816, Pilot and most recently, the galleon San Salvador.

Dr. Ashley is a member of many civic and professional organizations and serves or has served on the Boards of the Council of American Maritime Museums, Sea Education Association of Woods Hole, MA, the North American Society for Oceanic History, the Nautical Research Guild editorial board, the American Sail Training Association, Cabrillo Festival, the San Diego Port Tenants Association, the World Ship Trust, and is President of the American Ship Trust. In 2007, Dr. Ashley was Conference Chair for the Eighth International Maritime Heritage Conference, hosted by the Maritime Museum of San Diego.

In 2014 Dr. Ashley was recognized with lifetime achievement awards by both the Maritime Alliance in San Diego, and the International Maritime Heritage Alliance, for the construction of the Galleon San Salvador. He lives in Chula Vista with his wife Carlynn (with whom he once sailed a 25’ boat through the South Pacific).

 Showcase 2: Oliver Hazard Perry
Presenter:   Chris Dimock, Operations Manager

After a successful first season of programs in New England, America’s brand new Tall Ship Oliver Hazard Perry, will be broadening her route down the east coast of the US and setting her sights for the open ocean, heading to Florida, Bermuda and Cuba in the spring. With our 2017 route covering an impressive 14,000 nautical miles, SSV Oliver Hazard Perry will then sail north this summer, across the Arctic Circle and into the Northwest Passage. This voyage has many dimensions. Primarily to partner with the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography and David Clark Inc. (funded by the National Science Foundation) to conduct ground breaking research on the effects of climate change in the Arctic Regions of the Northwest Passage. There is also a prominent educational aspect to this with high school, undergraduate and graduate students joining the ship as our trainees to sail the vessel into the passage and build on leadership and communication skills, while also assisting scientists with their research. There is also a public awareness aspect through David Clark’s documentary and the live daily video feeds that will be relayed through the Inner Space Center at URI to museums. This is just 5 weeks of a 4 ½ month expedition. The ship will leave Newport on June 15 and return at the end of October. We are currently in the application process for recruiting our 17 professional crew. A minimum of 11 of our 17 professional crew will hold USCG licenses. 2017 is set to be a historic year for Oliver Hazard Perry.

Captain Chris Dimock
Chris Dimock


Chris Dimock learned how to sail at the age of 7 and has never looked back since. He raced competitive, modern sailboats in Rhode Island for years without ever seeing a tall ship. One day at a college fair, he ran across a poster of the schooner Bowdoin sailing offshore, which lead him to a degree from Maine Maritime Academy, and formal training in vessel operations. He has worked on tugboats, ferries, and yachts, but has always returned to the traditional sail training world. Chris has sailed on tall ships such as the Bowdoin, Harvey Gamage, Westward, Robert Seamans, Corwith Cramer, and AJ Meerwald.