ASTA Wiki: Alive, Aloft and Under Construction


We have started a wiki. In case you are not familiar with wiki’s,  they are living documents that are contributed to and resources for a community. The ASTA Tall Ships Wiki is designed to serve and inform the tall ship and sail training community. Anyone with an Internet connection can view it and any ASTA members (individual or organizational) can contribute. It will change and grow on a pretty frequent basis, so check back often.

Start exploring now by clicking here, following the link to Conferences and Forums, scrolling down to 2003 and clicking on the link for the Safety at Sea Forum. Here you will find a video presentation by Captain Sophie Morse about the 2002 incident involving schooner Ernestina in Long Island Sound. This recording of this presentation was sponsored by Northeast Maritime Institute. (Or for a chort cut, just click here.)

Check the 2006 ASTA Conference and Educaion Forum pages which will be growing daily!

Please feel free to comment and offer suggestions here.

– Peter A. Mello, ASTA Executive Director


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