Captain Chris Sinnett, Conference Opening Key Note Speaker

Captain Chris Sinnett    The U.S. Coast Guard’s sailing training ship, Barque EAGLE, recently completed her four-month summer voyage on the Eastern Seaboard.  This summer, EAGLE ranged east to Bermuda where she hosted the UK’s Princess Anne as part of the 100th anniversary of the Newport-to-Bermuda Race.  Her most western port was a rare transit up the Potomac River to Washington, D.C. in support of the Coast Guard Commandant’s change of command.  Barque EAGLE’s southern port was Charleston, SC where they scouted our location for this year’s annual conference.  The most northern port of call this year was Halifax, NS. 

At the end of July, Captain Chris Sinnett took over EAGLE’s helm here in ASTA’s home port of Newport, RI.  He’s agreed to be our 34th annual conference’s opening key note speaker.  Now that EAGLE is in a fall refit period, Chris has had a few days to think about his remarks and I’ve had the pleasure of his sharing some of his thoughts on what he’ll say to us.  Concentrating on our theme of “Measuring Success,”  Captain Sinnett says he’s thinking about the different ways we can define “success.”  Further, and for ASTA members what will be a great interest, Chris says he wants further to explore, “how measuring success can translate to bottom line support for ASTA vessels and their programs, i.e. how to turn that claim of success into donor inputs, support from local governments, or other organizations.”  That alone sounds like it will be worth the price of admission to this year’s conference.  

    But wait, as venerable television ginsu knife merchants like to say, there’s more. Act now and we’ll throw in not one, but two–two!–days of ASTA events.  See ASTA’s web site at or over to the right under Blogroll for registration information.  Hurry; this is a limited offer.  And the ASTA conference blog is the place to hear how we’ll continue to sweeten the deal.  Stay tuned.


Captain Chris Sinnett’s bio and Captain’s Welcome

US Coast Academy website

– Eric Shaw, Ph.D., ASTA Education Director


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