Lessons Learned – 2005 Safety at Sea Forum

Irving Johnson

If you have attended an American Sail Training Conference, you know how invaluable the experience is.  In case you haven’t joined us in the past,  the below audio is a sample of the valuable information and idea exchange that takes place.

Case study: Last year’s Safety at Sea Forum was chaired by Captain David Wood, USCG (ret) and the theme was Crisis Response. This audio is Captain Wood’s program introduction followed by Captain James Gladson, director of the Los Angeles Maritime Institute, owners and operators of the twin brigantines Exy Johnson and Irving Johnsonsetting the stage for a great presentation by several LAMI staff and volunteers for their organization. Captain Gladson then introduces Captain Steve Peckham who delivers a riveting presentation about the organization’s crisis response followed by experienced advice for others. This is a must listen! (31 mins)


If you have trouble listening thru the above Odeo Player, click here for a direct link to the audio file.

This recording was made possible by a grant from the T.K. Foundation.  The entire recording for the 2005 ASTA Safety at Sea Forum will soon be available on the ASTA Tall Ships Wiki.

We hope that you will join us for more poweful presentations like the one above and the unparalleleded networking opportunities that are central to the ASTA Conference.

Finally, we are very interested in your thoughts and ideas and we encourage you to post your comments here or email us. (Staff directory can be found in the right column.)

posted by Peter A. Mello, ASTA Executive Director


One thought on “Lessons Learned – 2005 Safety at Sea Forum

  1. alex April 22, 2007 / 12:22 pm

    hi there

    my name is alex and i live in Perth, Western Australia. I am seeking info on how tall ships structure their safety aloft (rig climbing) and rescue aloft systems. Is there anyone who could point me in the direction of an info resource on this subject? i’m not really blog conversant, so if you do have any links or info please email me at seabluenavigator@yahoo.com.au – but no advertising please. If you receive this mail i would be grateful for any replies or pointers in that direction. I don’t know if such a resource exists, but here’s hoping! thanks in anticipation of your participation….alex

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