ASTA Spans the Globe

Our title might start with “American,” but even a cursory look at our membership roster speaks volumes about the global reach of the “American” Sail Training Association.  The count, by the way, is 66 non-U.S. organizations, nearly one third of ASTA’s membership.   And ASTA’s global perspective shines through brightly upon this year’s annual conference.

Nigel Rowe, President and Chairman, Sail Training International leads the international procession as he presents an update on Sail Training International projects and strategic imperatives.  ASTA is a member organization of STI and our executive director, Peter A. Mello, sits on the International Council.  STI member ships participate in many of the ASTA Tall Ship Challenges and our racing and sailing rules come from STI.  Doug Prothero of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Vice Chair of the ASTA Board of Directors, represents North American participation in an STI-sponsored study by the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, measuring the effect of sail training on participants.  His presentation of the study’s design and execution fits perfectly within our conference theme of “Measuring Success.”  Australian Robert Fievez from the tops’l schooner ENTERPRIZE will present the challenges and opportunities faced in the Southern Hemisphere, providing us the chance to see our own in new light.  Halifax, Nova Scotia’s waterfront offers some of the best facilities in North America for Tall Ships Events. Bill Campbell of the Halifax Waterfront Development Corporation Limited, a provincial crown corporation, will present the long range business plan and strategy to host Tall Ships and Tall Ships events they recently developed and its application through the establishment of a ten day long province wide festival. Bill promises the session will focus on the rationale, strategic business case and management of the long term plan.   Further, Tall Ships festival organizers from the US, Canada, Australia, Denmark, India, Ireland and Poland will be in attendance. And there’s more from the international sphere on the way!


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