Sailing Through History


“After we returned to Lunenburg in June 2003 from our third voyage around the worldunder-sail-with-stunsls-on-the-way-to-bali-101.jpg in the Picton Castle, I got a letter from friends and colleagues at Mystic Seaport.” Writes Picton Castle Captain Dan Moreland.  He continues with,  “They asked me if I would be interested in talking about a project idea they had had to do with the Picton Castle‘s 2005-2006 world voyage and the Morgan.”  And thus was born (or is it borne?) PICTON CASTLE’s Sail Through History. 


At the ASTA annual conference Capt. Moreland will relate the connections (note the plural) between his barque and the last wooden whaler in the world.              

As a tease to his presentation, see the Picton Castle web site’s introduction to the Mystic Seaport-Picton Castle historical partnership by clicking here.  –Posted by Eric J. Shaw, Ph.D., ASTA Education Director


2 thoughts on “Sailing Through History

  1. Lori Aguiar August 19, 2008 / 3:59 pm

    Dear Mr. Lebreton,

    The image was provided to us by the Picton Castle. It is quite possible that they have a hi resolution version that they could provide you with. They can be reached via their website at

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