Utilizing Research Outcomes – Friday, Nov.9 1415-1530

Sail training programs may often be characterized as using adventure, environmental, experiential and outdoor education/learning methods.  Panelists discuss their programs and how to conduct program/participant evaluations, such as “student satisfaction surveys.”  Listen to how data and outcomes are utilized to improve program effectiveness, market product and/or increase funding streams.

Speaker: Loren Hagerty
Mr. Hagerty was Vice-President of a private college before joining S.A.L.T.S. as Executive Director.  He holds an MBA in marketing and has expertise in research, strategic planning, marketing, board governance, and fundraising.  Normally pale from office work, his current tan is from tall ship sailing in the South Pacific!

Speaker: Matt Claybaugh, Ph.D
Dr. Claybaugh is the CEO of Marimed Foundation, a Hawai’i based non profit providing ocean and land based experiential programs for Hawai’i youth.  Dr. Claybaugh has 20 years of experience in the outdoor education field as a teacher, program developer, consultant, and administrator.



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