Partnering with Youth-Serving Organizations-Thursday, Nov. 8 1045-1200

Building relationships with youth  serving organizations is often a first step for many ASTA members wishing to increase capacity and market their mission to a larger audience. Making these relationships work takes time and often an entrepreneurial spirit.  ASTA members will share their experiences and challenges in collaborating with organizations and higher education institutions.  A representative from Girl Scouts will share insights to effective partnering and how to strengthen existing partnerships while creating new opportunities.

Speaker:  Mary Ann Maggiore

Director of Girl Scouts Save the Bay in Northern California. This unique model program, called by the Girls their “bold, audacious project”, helps 60,000 girls work to preserve, protect and delight in their watershed.  Encompassing girls ages 5 to 17, Girl Scouts Save the Bay offers boat building as well as boat sailing and the history of ships as part of a comprehensive training program.  The department specializes in serving children who have never been on the water.  The founder of  Five 4 Five, an educational non-profit that helps at risk children make it into and through college, Mary Ann is soon to be mayor of the Town of Fairfax in Marin County where she is also president of her local Fire Board.

Speaker: Capt. Les Bolton

Executive Director at Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority.  Capt. Bolton has been actively involved in the development, marketing and delivery of shipboard education programs for youth for the past 29 years.  His experience includes science, sail training and history-based programs as well as wilderness therapy and “First Nations” cultural healing programs.
Using innovative approaches and collaborative partnerships, Capt. Bolton has grown the Historical Seaport from a collapsed non-profit in a rural community to one of the most far reaching maritime heritage organizations on the West Coast. Historical Seaport shipboard education programs reach 15,000+ school aged children in more than 40 port communities each year.
Capt. Bolton is a founding member of the Pacific Northwest Maritime Heritage Council, where he works with groups throughout the region on heritage education, outreach and funding issues as well as consulting on occasional film and development projects.

Speaker: Capt. Bert Rogers

Bert has been Executive Director of Ocean Classroom Foundation since 1996, operating the schooners Westward, Spirit of Massachusetts and Harvey Gamage on voyages of education under sail.  Prior to sailing the desk, Bert had an active career in ships and schooners, and sailed for many years as captain of Spirit of Massachussets.


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