Working with Students/Managing “Misbehavior”-Thursday, Nov. 8 1045-1200

Student mental health and student “misbehavior” are two issues that every student program is obliged to respond to with ever greater frequency.  This presentation will focus on who our students are, common psychological issues, alcohol use and abuse, responding to psychological crises in international or remote settings, psychotropic medications and student screeening. We will also define “misbehavior” and look at a proven approach for working with students, borrowing from William Glasser’s Choice Theory. We will cover setting expectations, creating behavioral norms, meeting student needs appropriately, responding early and often, behavioral contracting, and behavioral sanctions.

Presenter: Bill Frederick

Bill Frederick has been the Director of Risk Management Services at The School for Field Studies for the past six years. He has led numerous international safety reviews and incident investigations. He comes from an Adventure Education background, having served for 18 years with Outward Bound. As a senior instructor for Wilderness Medical Associates, he has taught emergency medicine to educators, rescue teams and international service organizations in over a dozen countries. He hold a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Colorado and an M. Ed. from Harvard University.


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