‘Lobbying 101’ Session Speaker – Rick McAuliffe

Rick McAuliffe – Chairman, Mayforth Group

Before founding the company, Rick McAuliffe spent 11 years in the public sector. He began his career in Washington as a legislative assistant for Senator Jack Reed during Senator Reed’s six years in the United States House of Representatives. During his tenure with Reed, McAuliffe handled a number of issues from economic development to veterans’ affairs.

He was also responsible for congressional correspondences and systems management. It was during this time that he received a Masters in Public Administration from American University, with a concentration in Urban Affairs. After leaving Washington, McAuliffe returned to his home state of Rhode Island to work as a community relations officer for the Royal Bank of Scotland’s U.S. subsidiary, Citizens Financial Group. It was here that he was responsible for reporting the bank’s compliance to state and federal regulators. This included reporting in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut.

After two years, McAuliffe left the private sector to successfully run State Senator Charles J. Fogarty’s successful campaign for Lieutenant Governor. After the election, McAuliffe became the Lieutenant Governor’s Chief of Staff, overseeing the management of the office, as well as acting as senior policy and political advisor to the lieutenant governor. McAuliffe then went on to leave state government and return to federal government by becoming United States Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy’s District Director. The job entailed managing the congressional office, as well as working with elected officials and community leaders within the first congressional district of Rhode Island. McAuliffe was also responsible for Kennedy’s re-election campaign in 2000, which he won with over 65% of the popular vote.

While in government, McAuliffe covered a wide range of issues, from economic development to health care and education. He worked with both public and private entities, helping them seek and secure federal and state dollars. He has extensive knowledge of both the state and federal committee processes, having presented testimony in many capacities on behalf of his clients. Through his work and experience, McAuliffe has established a strong working relationship with the members of the New England Congressional delegation, as well as state legislative leaders.

Rick McAuliffe has represented a number of clients both locally and nationally. Those clients range from the Newport County Chamber of Commerce and Johnson & Wales to the United Food & Commercial Workers and Professional Records. In addition to the legislative and regulatory responsibilities, McAuliffe has brought millions of dollars in public funds to his clients.

Rick McAuliffe has an undergraduate degree in Speech Communication from Syracuse University and Masters in Public Administration, with a concentration in Urban Affairs from American University.

In addition to his full time position, McAuliffe is Board President of the Providence Maritime Heritage Foundation, Board President of The Pawtucket Day Child Development Center; he is a member of the board of directors for Rhode Island Irish Famine Memorial; Saint Elizabeth Community; Providence Singers; Hope Alzheimer’s Center and Women & Infants’ Hospital Development Foundation. During the last presidential election, Rick sat on John Kerry’s National Finance Committee, raising over $200,000 to the campaign effort. He served as Finance Chairman for Fogarty for Governor Campaign. Additionally, he is a member of the Rhode Island Democratic State Committee and the Sons of Irish Kings. He was also President of the Rhode Island Young Democrats and was the former President of the Board to Camp Street Community Ministries. He has been very active in raising money for various non-profit and educational entities throughout Rhode Island.


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