Sustaining your Ship and Mission through Endowment – Thursday, Nov. 8 1045-1200

Everyone knows that maintaining historic wooden ships can be prohibitively expensive, particularly for non-profit organizations with limited operating budgets.  Sound Experience a non-profit which has owned and operated the nearly 100-year old schooner, Adventuress and its enviromental education mission for almost 20 years, owes the sucess of its programs to the powerful draw of this majestic schooner to its youth and adult participants-as well as the public.  Increasing maintenance costs and the anticipated uncertainty of timing for major projects has led the organization to embark on a major effort to endow the ship’s maintenance in perpetuity. This session will share what led to the Board of Director’s commitment to establishing the endowment, the process it took, and the organizational preparation for a lead gift this year of  $1/2 million toward it’s goal of $3 million.


Catherine Collins
Executive Director of Sound Experience. She brings 20 years of non-profit management experience and an MBA with a concentration on building sustainable social enterprises.  In earlier years, she worked with Outward Bound, was a volunteer educator on the Clearwater, and spent a decade with leading microfinance organization, ACCION International.

Nik Worden
Nik was an early Board Chair of Sound Experience and is now a lead member of the Endowment Committee. He spent much of his career with Jones & Jones, a leading architecture firm which was the first to start naturalizing zoos. His passion for Sound Experience includes both is love of the historic schooner, Adventuress, and his commitment to the environment.


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