Admiralty Law – Friday, Nov. 9 1015-1130

Key aspects of admiralty law that are vital to your sail training program.

Speaker: Mike Rauworth
Mike Rauworth has a career of over thrity-seven years at sea and at law.  He maintains an unlimited-tonnage Coast Guard license as master of Sail, Steam & Motor vessels, with several pilotage endorsements.  He has sailed as master on more than a half dozen commercial vessels and as deck officer on more than twenty in all, ranging from sail vessels, tugs & barges, and military vessels.  He retired from the Coast Guard Reserve with the rank of Captain after commanding seven military units and serving as commander of U.S. Naval Forces Haiti during Operation Restore Democracy in 1994.
He currently heads the admiralty practice at the litigation firm of Cetrulo & Capone LLP in Boston, MA.  He teaches marine insurance at MA Maritime Academy, serves as an elected member of the school committee in his twon and serves on the board of several histroic preservation non-profits.  He first joined ASTA’s board in 1992 and currently serves as Chair of  the Board of Directors and as a delegate to the International Council of Sail Training International.


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