Ships and Shores Focus Session- Thursday, Nov. 8 1345-1515

Topics will include, but are not limited to: What makes a successful port visit, from both ship and shore perspectives?
How do Tall Ship Festival visits (Race Series) differ from the occasional “one off” ship visits?

Martyn Clark 

Helena Johnson:  Since 1983 has been an active member and supporter of the Ocean Youth Club (OYC), now named the Ocean Youth Trust (OYT). She has sailed many types of boats both inland and offshore in the UK with adults, young people, and her own family.

Barry Johnson:  A Director of the Ocean Youth Club for many years and now a Director of the Ocean Youth Trust-UK (OYT-UK). Sailed as Skipper/Mate on sail training vessels. Barry spent many years involved as as RYA Practical and Shore-based Courses Instructor and also the Principal of a RYA Training Center.

Both Johnson’s were involved in the Bicenternary of the Battle of Trafalgar celebrations in 2005 and other tall ships and sea festivals over the years. They are currently thinking about the 50th anniversary of OYT in 2010.

Kevin Dykema:

Kevin Dykema has lived in Michigan his whole life. He has spent  his entire working life in the newspaper business, for the Kalamazoo Gazette (11 years), the Grand Rapids Press (11 years) and the Bay City Times (16 years). Mr. Dykema has been a recreational sailor for 25 years on lakes Michigan and Huron. In 1998,  he formed the non- profit BaySail  organization in Bay City which then acquired the schooner Appledore  IV to do environmental education for school groups. In 2001 they acquired a second vessel, Appledore V and added a sail training program. He have served  as the chairman of TallShip® Celebration Bay City which has hosted the  ASTA TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® series in Bay City in 2001, 2003 and 2006.


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