Tall Ships®Youth Adventure Program – Friday, Nov. 9 1145-1300

With support from the US Department of Justice and Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), ASTA awarded mini-grants to seven member organizations in 2007. ASTA’s Youth Adventure Program provided positive life-changing experiences on tall ships and sail training vessels to over 200 youth from underserved communities throughout the ASTA regions.  Mini-grant recipients discuss their programs, finding and some unexpected outcomes. A Juvenile Justice Specialist will highlight “model” and “best practice” juvenile delinquency prevention programs.

Speaker: Capt. Ken Neal
Capt. Neal is Director and co-founder of Call of the Sea, a sail training organization in San Francisco Bay.  He was Marine Superintendent of Sea Education Association and has served as captain of Robert C. Seaman’s, Spirit of Massachusetts, Californian, Westward, Seaward, Corwith Cramer, and the Harvey Gamage.

Speaker: Capt. Peter Bolster
Capt. Bolster has workered in the sail training industry since 1988 and has served as the Fleet Captain at Living Classrooms Foundation, in Baltimore, MD since 1998.   The LCF fleet consists of four traditional Chesapeake Bay watercraft, including the pungy schooner Lady Maryland. Before his work at LCF, Captain Bolster sailed two years as Captain of Providence. He also has sailed at SEA, and aboard Pride of Balitmore II, Niagara and Californian, among other ASTA vessels.  He resides in Baltimore with his wife and their daughter.

Speaker: Roger Nugent

Roger Nugent is Executive Director of BaySail, a non-profit operating the schooners Appledore IV and Appledore V.  Roger has over 13 years experience in sail training and program design iwth extensive voyaging experience on the Great Lakes, the Atlantic Coast, and the Pacific.  He holds a Canadian Master’s certificate and has delivered sail training and education programs on many Canadian and American ships including Black Pearl, Clearwater, Concordia  and Unicorn (ex. True North).  With a particular interest in science education and program design, Roger has launched a number of innovative shipboard programs.  He recently served on the steering committee for the STI Sail Training Research Project.  He holds Bachelor’s degrees in Environmental Studies and Political Science.


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