Be a Speaker at the 2008 Joint STI/ASTA Conference!

A letter from Sail Training International:



For the first time in history Sail Training International (STI) and the American Sail Training Association (ASTA) will join forces to host a joint Sail Training and Tall Ships Conference to take place in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on November 14 -15, 2008 and have issued a call for Conference Speakers.


There are two overall themes for the Conference as follows: 


          Sail Training – ‘Best Practices for Sail Training – Why we do it and how we do it’.


          Host Ports – ‘Working Together – Measuring and Maximising the Benefits of Partnering with the Sail Training Industry’.


Within the overall themes there is scope for presentations on a wide variety of topics. Some ideas for which we are looking for speakers for are:


Sail Training.

          Characteristics of an effective sail training program

          Recruitment of Trainees – remaining competitive

          Voyages for the Disabled/Special Needs

          Medicine at Sea

          Navigating the Regulatory Seas

          Protecting the Marine Environment

          Incident analysis

          Risk Management



Host Ports.

          Risk Management – security, crowd control, inclement weather, etc.

          Ingredients for a successful event.

          Ship Recruitment.

          Trainee Placements.

          Corporate Hospitality

          Economic Impact Studies

          Media Relations & Management


Other suggestions are welcome.


Conference Program

As in previous years the Conference will be divided up into a number of sessions and workshops on each day. Some of the sessions will be repeated on the same day to allow more delegates to attend each session.


In some cases one speaker may be the sole presenter for a session but in most cases there will be a principle speaker and either one or two other speakers for each session.

Each session will last for 1 hour and 15 minutes. It is planned that speakers should jointly occupy not more than 50 minutes of the allocated time for each session, leaving at least 25 minutes available for questions.


We would like to hear from anyone who is interested in presenting at the conference on either one of the proposed topics or on another topic. If you are interested please let reply to  by June 15.


For more detailed information on the International Sail Training and Tall Ships Conference visit the ASTA Website at .



The American Sail Training Association is a founder member of Sail Training International


One thought on “Be a Speaker at the 2008 Joint STI/ASTA Conference!

  1. Ken Potter August 17, 2008 / 1:42 am

    I am interested in presenting a paper at the conference on accident causation and prevention.
    Ken Potter

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