Session: Media Relations and Management


We will discuss our experience engaging the media to enhance a Tall Ships event’s brand and value while reinforcing the key public messages before, during and after events.

Speakers: David Choate and Corinne Hitching

David Choate
David Choate

David Choate:
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Conventures, Inc.

David oversees the day-to-day operations of Conventures Event Management, Public Relations, Sports Marketing, Destination Management and Business Development teams. David is an authority on media sponsorship and has managed procurement and fulfillment of sponsorship dollars for both not-for-profit and corporate clients with great success. David served as Director of Operations for Sail Boston 2000, Inc. and was the project manager for both Sail Detroit as part of the 300th Anniversary of the City of Detroit and the US Navy’s Bicentennial of the USS Constitution.Currently, David serves as project manager for Sail Boston 2009.

Corinne Hitching
Corinne Hitching

Corinne Hitching

Corinne has worked for Sail Training International since July 2004, following a career in journalism and public relations in Britain and Switzerland.


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