2016 Agenda

Quebec International Sail Training and Tall Ships Conference 2016 – Agenda

Click through the links for video and PowerPoint presentations. As presentations become available, the link will go live.

Updated 2.12.2016

Thursday, January 28 – Forums

Safety Under Sail Forum
Session 1 – Changing Global Weather and Climate
Session 2 – Qualification, Certification, Verification, Paperwork Administration: The Making of the Modern Tall Ships Sailor
Session 3 – The Designated Person Ashore

Educators and Administrators Forum
Session 1 -Safe at Every Level: Anti-Bullying Workshop
Session 2 – Not Just Ships at Sea, Not Just Sail Training for Youth: A Program Expansion Table
Session 3-Fundraising Successes Explained
Session 4 – Pitch Camp
Session 5 – Pitch Camp: Part 2

*Sessions are all on the same post. Documents and presentations will be listed under each session after the conference.

Friday, January 29 – Conference

Opening Plenary – video available

Focus Sessions 1
1A Sail Training Program Showcase
1B Bridge Resource Management: What is in a Word? (video available)
1C Closing Insurance Gaps for Foreign Ships in North America (PPT available)
1D Back to Basics: Managing Customer Expectations and Transforming Complaints
1E Host Port Feedback Session 1 (PPT and video available)

Focus Sessions 2
2A Recovery Under Sail (PPT available)
2B Marketing Sail Training
2C From Crisis Communication to Crisis Conversation: Social Media during Panic Mode
(PPT and video available)
2D Host Port Panel: Creating a Memorable Event Through Experience, Trial and Error
(video available)
2E Rendez Vous 2017 Event Workshop: Part 1

Focus Sessions 3
3A Research into Sail Training and Related Experimental Education
3B Safety Management Systems: Moving Beyond Checklists
3C Tall Ships and Tiny Boats: Leadership Strategies for Everyone (PPT available)
3D Host Port Support for Sail Training (PPT and video available)
3E Rendez Vous 2017 Event Workshop: Part 2

Saturday, January 30 – Conference

Closing Plenary – video available

Focus Sessions 4
4A Tall Ships America Annual Meeting & Elections
4B Sail Training International Ships Council Tall Ships Forum
4C Sail Training International Ships Council Small Ships Forum
4D Trainee Placement by Host Ports (PPT and video available)
4E Host Port Feedback – Session 2 (PPT available)

Focus Sessions 5
5A Connecting Sail Training with Education (video available)
5B Accident Analysis: Using Case Studies for Crew Training
5C Organizational Succession Planning and the “Founders Trap” (PPT available)
5D Planning a Successful Tall Ships Event (video available)
5E Storytelling Through Events

Focus Sessions 6
6A Green Practices Showcase (PPT available)
6B Safeguarding, Welfare and Safety of Trainees (PPT available)
6C Effective Youth Mentoring (video available)
6D How to Run a Successful Kickstarter Campaign (PPT available)
6E Running a Tall Ships Event on a Budget (PPT and video available)
6F The Tall Ships Races 2017 – Preview