Focus Session: Affordable Crew Health Insurance Plans






Rick Bagnall
Rick Bagnall

Rick Bagnall of the Allen Agency Financial Group will offer a comprehensive overview of the new ASTA Crew Health Insurance Plan followed with a Question and Answer session.


 These policies are extremely rich in benefits that you will not find with your local domestic health carriers and are written specifically to help cover your profession.
The policy is underwritten by HTH Worldwide and backed by Well Point or Anthem/Blue Cross & Blue Shield and Swiss re: (the largest reinsurer in the world)  and available via a Group or an Individual policy.

Lifetime Maximum $5,000,000 
$250 Deductible (Group)
Coinsurance 80/20 to $2,000 or $3,000 (depending plan option)
Under the Aetna U.S. network & offers a international network
Pharmacy (Rx) coverage is included (Group)
Up to $250,000 medical evacuation
Domestic & International coverage
Alcohol related & sailboat racing injuries covered to policy maximum
Preventative care coverage
With or without maternity coverage
Group coverage: Premiums, $146.00 or $166.00 per month
Individual Coverage: Premium based on age and deductible chosen
*Individual premiums are based on age of policy holder


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