Focus Session: Building a Successful Marketing Strategy In Harsh Economic Weather


Consumers are tightening their belts and trying to helping another — and they expect corporate America to follow suit by spending marketing dollars responsibly and allocating more resources toward good causes, according to a groundbreaking study by Performance Research. Using survey data and videotaped interviews with everyday consumers, Performance Research  president Jed Pearsall describes opportunities that may be beneath the surface of this economic storm.

 Biography of Speaker:  Jed Pearsall

Jed Pearsall
Jed Pearsall

Jed Pearsall is president of Performance Research (Newport, Rhode Island), a company specializing in research, measurement, and strategic planning for corporate sponsorship of sports and special events.  The firm’s consulting and evaluation work affects over $500 million worth of sponsorship investments each year.  A partial list of corporate clients includes Allstate, Anheuser-Busch, Coca-Cola, Kodak, Masterfoods, Sony Ericsson, UBS, and Visa.  Property clients include Disney, Indy Racing League, NASCAR, NCAA, NFL, Major League Soccer, and the Women’s Tennis Association.   (Performance Research does not find sponsors for properties or events, but rather evaluates the marketing impact for corporate sponsors once the relationships are in place.)

Jed holds a doctorate in sports management from Temple University and completed undergraduate work in psychology at Dartmouth College and pre-doctoral studies at the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.  Jed has been a featured speaker for the past 21 years at IEG’s annual conference on event marketing (Chicago), and is a co-author of the ANA’s (Association of National Advertisers) Event Marketing Management Guide.  Prior to founding Performance Research, Pearsall was a faculty member at Temple University specializing in Sociology of Sports.


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