Safety Forum: Sailing Vessel Rig Inspections

Description:  Sailing Vessel Rig Inspections-A USCG/ASTA collaborative effort to create an alternative to the third party rig inspections. 

In response to several recent rig failures, the United States Coast Guard has begun to require Third Party rigging evaluations as part of their annual safety inspection. This action does not recognize the unique nature of the ASTA fleet and the inability of most marine surveyors to adequately assess our vessels. The Coast Guard has reached out to ASTA to develop protocols which can relieve ASTA vessels of  this requirement.

Biography of Speakers: Capt. Jonathan Boulware

Jonathan Boulware has been working in sail training vessels since his first ocean passage in “H.M.S.”  Rose in 1992. He grew up sailing traditional small craft in the Mystic and Connecticut Rivers and has sailed in more than a dozen ASTA vessels as master or mate on both Pacific and Atlantic coasts including extensive experience in New England waters. He has served as Master, Mate, and Director of Marine Education, and on the Board of Directors for numerous programs including day environmental education, multi-week team building and leadership, and multi-month adjudication. 

In addition to sailing regularly as captain in several ASTA member vessels, Captain Boulware currently works as a consultant for a variety of for-profit and non-profit clients managing major shipyard work for all manner of vessels, including regulatory compliance and project management. He holds a USCG license for sailing vessels to 500 tons upon oceans. When he’s not in the shipyard or afloat, he cycles, surfs, spearfishes, and makes things out of wood. He lives in Branford, CT with his wife and young son.

Captain  Jonathan Kabak

 Jonathan Kabak is a Licensed Mariner and Marine Consultant that has worked in Sail Training and Sea Education for nearly two decades.  In that time he has developed programs for organizations as diverse as the South Street Seaport Museum and the United States Merchant Marine Academy.  Most recently he has been affiliated with the Sea Education Association sailing both as a ship’s officer and serving as nautical science faculty for their summer programs.  Jonathan holds a 500ton Ocean Master’s License.  He and his wife live in Providence, RI.


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