Focus Session: Clean Boating Practices: Making a Difference Onboard and in the Classroom


Working on the water you see the impacts of environmental degradation on a daily basis.  While most water quality problems stem from land-based challenges such as stormwater runoff and litter, clean boating can make a real positive impact on water quality.  This session will cover clean boating practices that can be applied to Tall Ships and recreational boats alike.  We will also discuss how to educate your students about taking care of their waterways by showcasing your on-board responsibilities and translating them to actions students can take at home to make a difference. 

 Biography of Speakers:  

 Susan Shingledecker is AVP and Director of Environmental Programs for the BoatU.S. Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water.  Susan oversees all of the Foundation’s environmental activities including: the Help Stop the Drops clean fueling program, the marine debris and monofilament recycling program, boat pumpout and invasive species education as well as the clean water grants program.  Through these programs the Foundation aims to teach boaters how to take care of the waterways where they boat. 

 Susan has worked in the environmental field at the international, national and state level for ten years covering a broad range of issues including: coastal policy, sustainable tourism, climate change, wastewater treatment, renewable energy and energy efficiency.  Prior to coming to BoatU.S., Susan developed outreach programs for renewable energy and energy efficiency, advised Governors staffs on environmental policy and worked with coastal hotels and resorts to minimize their environmental impacts and reduce resource consumption. 

 Susan started boating at the age of eight on the Great Lakes and now sails actively, racing Lasers and J22s on the Chesapeake Bay.  Susan holds a Master of Environmental Management degree from Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences.

Colleen Wellington



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