2010 Regional Meetings

Several times a year, the American Sail Training Association invites their members to gather and be heard. One instance is in November at the annual conference (more information here).

We also reach out our members on the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts and in the Great Lakes during the Regional Meetings.  These meetings are a smaller gathering of vessel operators, organizations, crew and captains, and are a way to reconnect with people who may have not been able to attend the conference. 

During the regional meetings, ASTA introduces new member programs and benefits, and invites attendees to share what is new and exciting in their organizations. This year’s schedule for the meetings is as follows:

Atlantic Regional:
March 11, 12
Mystic Seaport
Mystic, CT

Great Lakes Regional:
March 23, 24
Toronto, Ontario

Pacific Regional:
April 2010
Date and location to be determined

More detailed information about hotels, agenda and pricing will be posted on this blog and on the ASTA website (here) within the next few weeks. Check back often or call our Newport office with any questions – 401.846.1775


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