ASTA Crew Health Insurance Program

The ASTA Crew Health Insurance program is as strong as the number of ASTA members participating in the program. Our goal is to grow the program to its fullest potential and to continue the program’s low rates and exceptional benefits. This educational presentation will review the following points about the ASTA Crew Health Insurance program so you can make an informed decision.

  •  Domestic Health Insurance vs. ASTA Crew Health Insurance
  • ASTA Crew Health Insurance: US Network & International Network
  • Table Rated Premiums
  • Federal Reform and its mandates
  • Renewal for 2011 (?)
  • The ASTA Individual Health Insurance pool and how it works 


Biography of Speaker: Rick Bagnall 

Rick Bagnall

Rick Bagnall has been working in the insurance industry for more than five years. His professional background includes experience in banking, coaching and sales management as well as business owner-operator. He attended the University of California/Berkeley as a student athlete, with a major in Peace and Conflict Studies with an emphasis in Environmental Management and Planning. Rick has found a home in the insurance business, building strong and trusting working relationships with insurance carriers and writing insurance policy details for industries which have been previously underserved — or not served at all — by standard domestic insurance programs.  Rick’s background in sailing dates back to elementary school and sailing the shores of Lake Erie with his family. He’s also sailed Lake Tahoe, the Bay Area in California, the Maine Coast and Penobscot Bay, and the Caribbean. He lives not far from the coast in Maine with his wife and two children.


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