S/V Concordia Total Loss: Operator Crisis Management Timeline

Safety Under Sail Forum

S/V Concordia Total Loss: Operator Crisis Management Timeline

On February 17, 2010, Class Afloat’s flagship vessel, the S/V Concordia, was hit off the coast of Brazil by a meteorological phenomenon known as a microburst and lost at sea. All 64 crew members, including 48 teenagers, were safely rescued after more than forty hours in life rafts. The crisis management timeline, from the perspective of the operator/school’s senior land-based staff, is the focus of this presentation. Its goal is to pass on our knowledge, experience and lessons learned in order to help prepare other vessel operators and organizations, who we hope will never face such a crisis, to respond in case of an extreme emergency.

Speaker: Kate Knight  

Kate Knight


  Kate has worked with the Class Afloat organization for 7 years as a teacher and Shipboard Director aboard the S/V Concordia, as Director of Development and, from 2006-2010, as its Head of School.


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