Safety Under Sail Forum – Liferaft Demonstration

Safety Under Sail Forum-Liferaft Demonstration
Concordia crew and students spent forty hours in liferafts before being rescued. During lunch at the Safety Under Sail Forum, a twenty man life raft similar to those used by the students and crew, will be set up for your examination and exploration. Bruce Brown, former president of United States Marine Safety Association(USMSA) and a Switlik Raft representative, will be there to answer your questions.


CONCORDIA Liferaft Rescue


The Life raft is provided through the generosity of Avalon Rafts, Sales and Service and Richard Costello -owner.

Captain Bill Curry of the Concordia has compiled comments and observations from his crew on the structure and performance of the rafts they lived in while waiting to be rescued. Copies of that report will be available to conference delegates during the demonstration.

Excerpt from report: 

· Towing and securing points
The towing points on the rafts were difficult to access as they were located too far from the canopy openings to easily reach. As a result, the lifeline around the periphery and the web boarding ladder were used to secure the lines holding the rafts together. These were not strong enough and required constant attention to avoid being ripped from the pontoons. When we were alongside the freighters in heavy swells and rough seas (4-6 meters) we found we could not secure the lines sent down to us by the merchant vessel crew without tearing the webbing apart. We resorted to holding the lines by hand, which was incredibly difficult to do as the forces generated would pull the lines from our hands.”

Click here to continue reading the report



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