Risk/Benefit Analysis: How to Make Safety Reviews Work

Risk/Benefit Analysis: How to Make Safety Reviews Work

Conducting an external safety review presents potential opportunities and pitfalls. It is an opportunity for the program to be professionally evaluated and to improve its health, safety and security. Conducting an external safety review also strongly demonstrates a commitment to professionalism and due diligence. However, a review that makes financially unrealistic recommendations or highlights serious lapses would be a significant handicap should the organization be involved in litigation. In this session we will look at what works for maximizing the opportunities and minimizing the pitfalls.

Speaker: Bill Frederick

Bill Frederick is the founder and director of Lodestone Safety International providing training and program development for educational and service organizations operating overseas. Prior to that he was the Director of Safety at The School for Field Studies (SFS) for eight years. He has served as proje ct leader for the Forum on Education Abroad’s pilot incident database and as co chair for the inaugural Forum Standards Institute: Beyond the Basics of Health, Safety and Security. He has led numerous international safety reviews and served for 16 years with Outward Bound. As a senior instructor and faculty committee member for Wilderness Medical Associates (WMA), he has taught emergency medicine to educators, rescue teams and international service organizations in over a dozen countries and designed WMA’s Travel Medicine First Aid course. He holds a B.A in Psychology from the University of Colorado and an M.Ed from Harvard University.


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