Marketing and Social Media-What’s New?

Marketing and Social Media-What’s New ?

Post Conference Overview
Zach Simonson-Bond, Sound Experience, and Erin Short, ASTA, presented social media resources as organizational growth tools. Citing the use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blogs, Zach shared his success in the Schooner Adventuress “Vote for the Boat” campaign that earned top votes in a contest of Puget Sound historical sites. Erin presented her use of social media as coordinator for the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® race and introduced session attendees to “geo location” tools, such as Foursquare, Gowalla, and Tangelo images. Instead of sharing an experience after the fact, “geo location” resources allow users to share where and what they are doing in a play-by-play fashion on the Internet. Both Zach and Erin stressed that though social media resources are easy to use, they are not effective unless maintained consistently.

Original Summary
Your community is your best advertisement.  Stay connected to them through social media to help you build your base, promote your brand, and raise money for your organization.  Zach’s discussion will cover which social media sites to use and how to best utilize them to raise funding for your organization.

Erin will talk about some of the fun, new social media sites out there (Foursquare, Gowalla) and how you can incorporate them into your programming.  She will also talk about good resources to use to stay up to date and improve your social media reach.

Speaker: Zach Simonson-Bond, Sound Experience

Zach Simonson-Bond

Zachary Simonson-Bond is the Development & Communications Associate for nonprofit Sound Experience, which owns and operates the historic schooner Adventuress (1913).  Zach holds a BA in Communication, and spent three seasons aboard Adventuress as an Educator, Deckhand and Bosun before joining the office.  In his office role, Zach became the Project Lead for two major fundraisers: Sound Experience’s “Vote for the Boat” campaign, which won $125,000 for Adventuress‘ restoration, and “29 Dollars, 29 Days: Getting Kids on the Boat,” to raise program funding.  Zach applied his knowledge and growing experience of social media to aid in the success of both campaigns.  Zach lives in Port Townsend, WA.

Speaker: Erin Short, TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Coordinator, ASTA 

Erin Short


Erin grew up in Rhode Island sailing around Narragansett Bay on her parent’s boat. She left the Ocean State for college at the University of Boulder, Colorado where she recieved a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology. After a two year stint in Denver, Erin decided she missed the ocean too much and moved back to Providence. As the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE®  Coordinator, she spends her summers travelling with the tall ships fleet during the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Race Series, hanging out with sailors and blogging about life with the ships.  When not on the road with the Race Team, Erin spends her days in Newport preparing for upcoming summer tall ship events and introducing her officemates to the wonders of “new media”.


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