Beyond Pirates: Showcasing your maritime heritage at port events

Beyond Pirates: Showcasing your Maritime Heritage at Port Events

Presenter:  International Guild of Knot Tiers

We plan on displaying a few period knots with a brief description of their uses and meaning aboard sailing vessels.  

Perhaps a short discussion of knots being one of man’s (not just sailor’s) earliest tools.

Speaker: Jimmy Williams

Jimmy Williams

I have been in the International Guild of Knot Tyers since 2000. I thought I could tie knots well until I joined! I guess the first knotting I learned was “crown knotting”. I learned that as a teenager by untying stuff my older brother had made! I later learned how to tie a Monkey’s Fist and have been all knotted up since! Still considered a novice, still learning, it keeps me out of trouble (mostly).




Speaker: Lindsey Philpott

Lindsey Philpott


Lindsey began knotting at the age of 6 somewhere in England.  He has since been passionate about all forms of rope, lines, string, knots, and sailing.  Lindsey is one of the founding members of the Pacific Americas Branch of the International Guild of Knot Tyers (1997). He has written several instructional books about various types of knotting.  And he is considered by many to be the “go to” guy for knots. 




 Leanne Strathdee, Waterfront Development Corporation, Halifax, NS

Leanne Strathdee is the Director of Marketing and Communications for the Waterfront Development Corporation in Halifax, NS. In 2009, Leanne was the Event Director for the Tall Ships® Atlantic Challenge event in Halifax, one of the seven ports in the international race series.  The Waterfront Development Corporation has been engaged in Tall Ships® event hosting since 1984, when the first Tall Ships® event visited Halifax. A three-time ASTA Port-of-the-Year winner, Halifax prides itself on hosting international ships, captains and crew, and is well known for its warm hospitality.  Leanne has a degree in Arts, and one in Public Relations and has been practicing professional communications and marketing for 15 years.

Captain Wesley Heerssen, US Brig Niagara

Captain Wesley Heerssen has been sailing since the age of six, volunteering on a tall ship at 15 and becoming a professional deckhand at 18. Beginning as a volunteer on the barque Elissa in Galveston, Texas, he went on to sail in many ships and in nearly all capacities, eventually sailing as Captain of the schooners A.J. Meerwald, Californian, Lynx, and the sloop Providence. Captain Heerssen also worked as a carpenter for the reconstruction of the USS Constellation in Baltimore and as a rigger onboard the barque Balclutha in San Francisco. He returned to Elissa as Ship Manager in 1999 for two years before making a long term home onboard Niagara. He has sailed all over the world in traditional sailing ships including port stops in Europe, Asia, Pacific Islands, North and Central America and many passages in between. His career includes sailing on more than a dozen sailing ships and half a dozen modern commercial vessels. Captain Heerssen now teaches and shares his knowledge to all who sail in Niagara.


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