Conference Update

39th Annual Conference on Sail Training and Tall Ships
January 30 & 31, 2012

Safety Under Sail and Education Under Sail Forums
February 1, 2012

Successful voyages depend on planning beyond the immediate circumstances of today, and looking ahead to the challenges and opportunities that lay beyond the next horizon.  Projecting forward for maritime commerce as a whole, the International Maritime Organization, the U.S. Maritime Administration, and commercial shipping companies all agree that we will soon face a critical shortage of licensed and qualified mariners.  In our world of tall ships and sail training, we already feel the pinch:  licensing requirements and costs keep climbing, but program revenues, business opportunities and wages struggle to hold par in a down economy. 

Tall Ships America invites you to join the discussion as we explore how training, safety, public engagement, and youth enrichment can be harnessed to develop the crews, career opportunities, and business systems necessary to prepare the Next Watch.

Hotel Information

Registration Information (Note: Registration will be available Monday, November 7th, 2011)

Call for Papers

Call for Nominations

Preliminary Agenda


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