Memorial Service for Capt. Arthur Kimberly

Memorial Service for Capt. Arthur M. Kimberly
Saturday, 28 January, 1700 – 1900h
Seamen’s Church Institute Library and Chapel, 2nd Floor
18 Market Square, Newport, Rhode Island

Capt. Arthur Kimberly, “Skipper” as he was known throughout the world by his shipmates and friends, died peacefully at home in Florida on Sept. 17, 2011. Capt. Kimberly and his wife Gloria owned and sailed the brigantine ROMANCE for over 20 years, twice around the world and on countless trips to the South Pacific, throughout the West Indies, and other waters. 

His life and contributions to sail training and his work in raising up the next generation of deep-sea sailors will be remembered in honor by his friends, shipmates, and all who wish to pay respects to Capt. Kimberly, great man of the sea.


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