Procrastination Countdown: Two Weeks

Can you believe we have a little over two weeks until the conference?! We can’t either.  Tall Ships America HQ has been out straight preparing for this year’s sessions, speakers and entertainment. We can’t wait.  It’s going to be another awesome conference.

I can hear you now, “But how can I help? How can I make these next two weeks easier?” Thank you for asking!  You can register (and register today. Our block of rooms is done as of 5pm) because after Friday, January 27th, conference rates will increase by $100.  You can register on Saturday and Sunday, no problem! It’ll cost you an extra $100. Just want to wing it and stroll in Monday morning? I admire your spontaneity! Extra $100. 

The more the merrier- Register today!

Finally, it’s Friday. How about a little Total Recall to ease you into the weekend? This scene is especially appropriate and relevant. Think of it as you register today.

Have you applied for our Professional Development Grant? Check out the Crew Track Agenda to see what else we are offering for crew that attend.


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