Education Forum: Financial Sustainability for Education Programs, Part 1

Financial Sustainability for Education Programs – This two part afternoon working session will address current challenges in financial sustainability for shipboard education programs.  The session aims to draw on the wisdom and experience of our tall ship industry colleagues for creative exploration of “new business” opportunities to maximize capacity of the ship as education platform for youth of all ages. 

Part I – Simon Colley, former Sr. Captain and Director of Marine Operations for Spirit of Bermuda and currently studying management at Harvard, will frame the afternoon with a case study of program innovations and efficiencies created in his most recent role.  This will be followed by a group discussion on current industry challenges and opportunities in sustaining shipboard education programming.

Speaker: Simon Colley

Simon has spent the last nineteen years aboard numerous sail training vessels, most recently as Senior Captain and Director of Marine Operations for the Spirit of Bermuda. In between contracts at sea, he has taught high school in Australia and the USA, and has a ten-year association with Outward Bound.  Simon has degrees in Marine Biology and Secondary Education, and holds US andUK 1600t Masters’ licenses.  He is currently studying management at Harvard.


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