Education Forum: Financial Sustainability for Education Programs, Part 2

Financial Sustainability for Education Programs – This two part afternoon working session will address current challenges in financial sustainability for shipboard education programs.  The session aims to draw on the wisdom and experience of our tall ship industry colleagues for creative exploration of “new business” opportunities to maximize capacity of the ship as education platform for youth of all ages. 

Part 2 – Session participants will work in small groups to identify areas of opportunity and growth in the effort to sustain education programs. Experienced tall ship industry colleagues will act as informal consultants/facilitators to each group to help support and guide the development and sharing of sustainable education ideas and models.  The session will conclude with a convening of the large group and sharing of each group’s learnings, ideas and “take-aways” for future sustainable programming.  Those consulting/facilitating include but are not limited to Simon Colley (See bio in Part One), Dave Neibuhr, PhD, Executive Director, Watermen’s Museum, Catherine Collins, Executive Director, Sound Experience (schooner Adventuress), Tommy Seda, Waterfront Operations Director, and Kristen Andrews, Executive Director, Schooner Inc.


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