Education Forum: Ocean Education, Current Opportunities and Emerging Trends in Education – Engaging Students in New Ways

Education Under Sail Forum: Ocean Education, Current Opportunities and Emerging Trends in EducationEngaging Students in New Ways

Effective educators must combine their passions with methodologies that can produce the desired goals and outcomes.  In this session, a panel of educators will share some current and creative approaches to student engagement.  Rachel Miller of the Rozalia Project will bring to life STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) concepts through the lens of marine debris and healthy oceans, and use of underwater technology.  Author/Artist/Educator Peter Stone will explore the ideas of continuity between the shipboard experience to home and classroom, STREAM model for Ocean Literacy, and Art & Science Nature Journaling: Life Skills in Multiple Disciplines.

Speaker:  Rachel Miller, Founder and Director of Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean

Rachael Miller is the founder and director of Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean whose mission is to find and remove marine debris, from the surface to the seafloor, through action, technology, outreach and research. Rozalia Project operates from the record-breaking circumnavigator, American Promise, currently along the New England coast, and provides marine debris programs nationwide using remotely operated vehicles to clean the ocean and connect people to their underwater world. In addition, Rachael is a member of US Sailing’s National Faculty and Training Committee, she is a US Sailing Level 1 & 2 instructor trainer and teaches ROV piloting courses for VideoRay. Though she has a passion for teaching, sailing and a clean ocean, Rachael  lives in the mountains ofVermont with her husband, two Newfies and ideally as much snow as possible.

Speaker: Peter Stone, Author/Artist/Educator

 Peter’s work includes curriculum design, graduate level content institutes for educators, lower, middle, and upper school workshops; and Arts and Sciences advisor for the Connecting Oceans Academy/ECHO Program with the Ocean Explorium at New Bedford Seaport and the UMass Dartmouth Center for University School and Community Partnerships. He also serves on the Art and Nature Committee of the Peabody Essex Museum.  Peter’s newest book (due out fall 2012), Waltzes with Giants, The Twilight Journey of the North Atlantic Right Whale (Science/Nature/Whales), is a provocative portrait of an endangered mammal that makes sound science and the marvels of the oceans engaging and comprehensible.


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