Education Forum: Ocean Education, Current Opportunities and Emerging Trends in Education – NOAA presentation

Ocean Education, Current Opportunities and Emerging Trends in Education NOAA presentation

Susan E. Haynes, Education Program Manager, NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research

An essential component of NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research mission is to enhance understanding of the science and technology associated with exploring our ocean, and build interest in careers that support ocean-related work. This presentation will introduce the NOAA OER Education program, share both onsite and online educator professional development opportunities associated with NOAA’s new ship for ocean exploration, the Okeanos Explorer, and provide online ocean science resources from a number of NOAA offices. –

Susan Haynes
   Susan Haynes  NOAA OER Education Program Manager.

  Susan manages Ocean Exploration teacher professional development in cooperation with 14 national Alliance partners and the College of Exploration. She is currently working as part of a development team to design the education offerings associated with the new NOAA Ship for exploration, the Okeanos Explorer. Prior to arriving at NOAA in May 2008, Susan spent 4 years as the Director for the National Ocean Sciences Bowl at the Consortium for Ocean Leadership (CORE division) in Washington, D.C. Formerly an Education Specialist for Virginia Sea Grant at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William and Mary, her past work has included working with scientific faculty to design graduate courses for teachers and developing classroom activities using authentic research data. She has also been an Education Specialist at Oregon Coast Aquarium and National Aquarium in Baltimore. Susan has 20 years of experience in marine education and has spent a significant portion of her career working to better engage marine scientists in student and teacher education. She is currently a Board member and a member of the Executive Committee for the National Marine Educators Association.


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