Focus Session: Apps for Caps (takes place aboard the LIBERATOR)

Apps for Caps

New navigation and weather tools and technology for the mariner. Mates, captains, crew and education staff are all invited to learn how to economically integrate new technology including wireless networking and iPads to enhance navigational safety, situational awareness, and training in an educational environment.

Speaker: Chris Gasiorek 

CDR Chris Gasiorek, USMS is the Sailing Master and the Director of Waterfront Activities at the United States Merchant Marine Academy.  A 1995 graduate of Kings Point, CDR Gasiorek has sailed in all positions from ordinary seaman through master aboard cargo ships, racing yachts, tugs, research ships, training ships, and his favorite- sail training ships.  CDR Gasiorek holds an Unlimited Tonnage Masters License, a 500 Ton Auxiliary Sail license, First Class Pilotage for the Great Lakes and lower Mississippi River, and multiple QMED endorsements.




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