Focus Session: Let the Sea be your Teacher

Let the Sea be the Teacher: Trainee and Crew Development with the Sea as Your Ally

Speaker: Crane Stookey

View the presentation (PDF 87.3 kb)

How do we engage our trainees, and our crews, to do their best and to be their best no matter what challenges they face? How do we help people to take an expansive view of what’s possible for them? With experience on big boats as Mate, and on small boats at the award-winning Nova Scotia Sea School program, Crane has a unique perspective on letting the real world be the real teacher. This session will be part presentation, part interactive learning on your feet, with lots of discussion.

Speaker:  Crane Stookey

Crane Stookey


Crane Stookey bridges the worlds of experiential education and corporate leadership. He has sailed as Mate on Harvey Gamage, Pride of Baltimore II, Californian, Corwith Cramer and other ships. He is the founder and past director of the Nova Scotia SeaS chool, where teenagers sail the coast in student-built 30’ open spritsail-ketch-rigged pulling boats, learning to take command of their boat, and of their lives. He is a leadership coach and works with educators and business and organizational leaders to help them bring out the best in the people they work with. Crane was awarded the Queen’s Jubilee Medal for his contribution to Canadian Society.


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