Focus Session: Risk Management and Decision Making

Risk Management and Decision Making:  Using “Near Misses” and Incident Analysis to Teach and Create Safety Awareness in Your Organization

Speaker: Captain Deborah Hayes, Director of GERONIMO Program and Senior Captain at St. George’s School

View the presentation by Captain Hayes and the follow up discussion (PDF 1.65MB)

In sailing and sail training programs, there will always be some element of risk. It is partly because of this risk that the programs are extremely effective teaching platforms. Since all hazards can’t be eliminated from sail training, situational awareness and risk management must be a part of every ship’s training program.  This session will include a discussion of ways to create safety awareness in your organization by presenting risk management strategies from different industries as well as an interactive workshop examining case histories of near misses and accidents.

Captain Deborah Hayes
     Deborah is the Director of the GERONIMO Program and Senior Captain at St. George’s School in Newport, RI. Deborah has worked in the sail training industry since 1985 for various organizations including Sea Education Association, HMS Rose Foundation, Vision Quest and Niagara League. She holds a USCG Master Oceans 1600 tons as well as MPIC and WEMT. She has served on the Tall Ship’s America’s Board of Directors and Ship’s Operation and Safety Committee.

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