Safety Under Sail Forum: Stability

Safety Under Sail Forum: Late Morning Session


View Part One: Basic Concepts (PDF 2.30MB)
View Part Two: MCA Squall Curves (PDF 2.27MB)
View Part Three: SNAME: Pride 2 Approach (PDF 2.19MB) updated 2.24.2012

Speakers: Professor Emeritus Bruce Johnson facilitating.  Captain Jason Quilter and Captain Jan Miles contributing.

A look at sailing ship stability in extreme wind conditions, with particular attention to Operator Guidance in terms of squall curves, maximum steady heel angle, responding to extreme wind, down flooding, and material condition.

Speaker: Bruce Johnson

BSME,  Mechanical Engineering, Iowa State University (NROTC), 1955
MSME, Mechanical Engineering-Fluid Mechanics,Purdue University, 1962
Ph.D.,  Mechanical Engineering-Fluid Mechanics,Purdue University, 1965

Dr. Johnson was project manager for the design and construction of the Rickover Hall Hydromechanics Laboratory at the U.S. Naval Academy and served as its Director from 1976 to 1987. Professor Johnson retired at the end of 1999 as Program Director of the Ocean Engineering Program and is now Professor Emeritus.           

Professor Johnson has taught courses and done research in many fields including fluid mechanics, hydrodynamics, naval architecture, ocean wave mechanics, time series analysis, and engineering economic analysis..  He is the co-author with Prof. Thomas Gillmer of Introduction to Naval Architecture, published by the U.S. Naval Institute in 1983, and is currently co-authoring Practical Naval Architecture to be published in 2013. 

Dr. Johnson is an Honorary Member/Fellow of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME). He has been Chair of Ad Hoc Panel #12 on Fishing Vessel Operations and Safety and is currently co-chair of Panel O-49, Working Vessel Operations and Safety. In this capacity he has been performing wind-heel research with Captain Jan Miles on Pride of Baltimore II since 2005.

Speaker: Captain Jason Quilter

Jason Quilter is a Captain and Nautical Science Instructor for SEA Education Association.  He has eighteen years of experience in vessel operations among the U. S.sail training industry and recently collaborated  with SEA to create a preliminary set of squall curves for the SSV Corwith Cramer and Robert C. Seamans.

Speaker: Captain Jan Miles, a Captain with Pride of Baltimore II


Jan has worked professionally as an officer or master aboard classic yachts & traditional working-sail vessels (tall ships) for the last 40 years. The majority of his career is aboard fore & aft rigged vessels, but also in square rig. Jan’s sailings have taken him across the Atlantic six times, down the length of the South Atlantic once & deep into the Pacific four times, three times via Panama. once from San Francisco (Hawaii three times, one time on the way to East Asia, plus one return from Japan to Seattle). Jan’s coastal experience is extensive and includes multiple transits on all three coasts or North America plus the equivalent of a dozen round trips deep into the Great Lakes along with several transits in the Caribbean Sea. Jan has also sailed more than once around the British and Irish Isles as well has numerous transits in all of the Seas & Channels of Europe west of Genoa, Italy in the Mediterranean and St. Petersburg, Russia in the Baltic. In East Asia his sailing was first south then north between Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea. Most of the above experiences were since 1981 as master of one or the other of the two PRIDEs. 


Since 1989 Jan has been one of two full-time captains with Pride of Baltimore, Inc., co-managing care between taking turns sailing the square-topsail rigged schooner PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II.



One thought on “Safety Under Sail Forum: Stability

  1. January 20, 2012 / 7:04 am

    Variety of people wants the safety first in sailing. I salute to this group because they made right decisions for sailing safety conference. Remember what is sailing if you don’t do the safety.
    London coastal skipper

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