Focus Session: Blogging-Content Managment

Get Smart About Content

View Erin Short’s Presentation

Content is never done, it is a process that needs continuous attention. This session will discuss creating and sustaining content on your blogs, Facebook and Twitter. We’ll discuss how to organize your editorial content so your message stays on focus and provide some guidelines for content creation.

Speaker – Erin Short, TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Coordinator, Tall Ships America

Erin grew up in Rhode Island sailing around Narragansett Bay. She left the Ocean State for college at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology. After graduating and a two year stint in Denver, Erin decided she missed the ocean too much and moved back to Providence.

As the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE®  Coordinator, she spends her summers travelling with the tall ships fleet during the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Race Series, hanging out with sailors, and blogging about life with the ships, including a trans-Atlantic in 2009 and a ten day sail aboard the EAGLE last year. When not on the road with the Race Team, Erin spends her days in Newport preparing for upcoming summer tall ship events, maintaining Tall Ships America’s online presence,  and talking to anyone who will listen about how much cool stuff there is in new media.


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