Focus Session: Navigating the Regulatory Seas II: Rig Inspection

Navigating the Regulatory Seas II-  Traditional Vessel Rig Inspections: An Ongoing Effort 

View Captain Berger’s Presentation (PDF 3.85MB)

Speakers: Captain Jonathan Boulware, Marc Cruder, John Koon, and Captain Joshua Berger

Tall Ships America has been actively working with USCG to develop a coordinated approach to the inspection of sailing vessel rigs. This process has included the development of a rig self-inspection protocol, training for USCG inspectors, and assistance to member vessels engaged in starting or maintaining a rig inspection regime.  

Three presentations will address various aspects of rig inspections: Rigger and Rig Educator John Koon will talk about training the USCG inspection team, issues related to traditional rig inspection, and what resources he and others bring to the effort. Senior Traveling Marine Inspector Marc Cruder will talk about casualties, narrowly avoided casualties, and successful resolutions in the past year. Captain Joshua Berger will tell the story of the Schooner Adventuress’ successful effort to fully catalogue and upgrade the sailing rig and in the process, establish an excellent baseline for future in-house survey and an excellent working relationship with local USCG. Discussion and questions to follow. 

Speaker – Captain Jonathan Boulware, Waterfront Director, South Street Seaport Museum

Capt. Jonathan Boulware grew up sailing traditional small craft in the Mystic andConnecticutRivers. He has sailed in more than a dozen tall ships as captain or mate on both Pacific and Atlantic coasts, including extensive experience in New Englandwaters. He served as Master, Mate, Director of Marine Education, and on the Board of Directors for numerous programs including day environmental education, multi-week team building and leadership, and multi-month programs for treatment of adjudicated youth. Captain Boulware worked as a consultant/project manager for both land-based construction and shipyard construction and refit, representing clients in the non-profit and for-profit sectors. He currently works as Waterfront Director for the newly revitalized South Street Seaport Museum in New York City. He also serves on the Board of Directors and chairs the Ship Operations and Safety Committee for Tall Ships America. He lives in Branford,CT with his wife and five year-old son. He holds a USCG license for sailing vessels to 500 tons upon oceans.

Speaker – Marc Cruder, Travelling Senior Marine Inspector

     Marc is a 1979 graduate of U.S. Coast Guard Academy and holds a current U.S. Coast Guard license with STCW endorsements as Chief Engineer (Limited-Ocean) – Any Horsepower and Second Assistant Engineer, Steam or Motor – Any Horsepower.  He is also an Accredited Marine Surveyor in Yacht and Commercial Small Craft with SAMS and Affiliate with NAMS.  Marc currently works as a Traveling Senior Marine Inspector with the Coast Guard Headquarters Traveling Inspection Staff in Washington, D.C.
     Marc’s areas of emphasis include: Small Passenger Vessel Plan Review; High Speed Craft; Wood and Composite construction/repair; Historic Vessels including Sail, Steam and Riveted Construction; Subchapter W Safety Assessments and the Coast Guard’s Streamlined Inspection Program. He is also the Traveling Inspection Staff’s Consultant to the Vintage Vessel National Center of Expertise located in Duluth, MN charged with oversight of legacy U.S. Flag Vessels with as-built systems and or arrangements that predate the applicability of current regulations.
     Noteworthy accomplishments: Primary author of Navigation and Inspection Circular 7-95: “Guidance on Inspection, Repair and Maintenance of Wooden Hulls;” Interim Project Manager for Revision to Small Passenger Vessel Inspection and Certification Rulemaking (Subchapter T and K); and Contributing Author to Honolulu Inspection Note #13: “Inspection of Sail Rigging and Masts on Inspected Small Passenger Vessels.”
     Mr. Cruder returns again in collaboration with Captain Jonathan Boulware and others to continue to report out the state of affairs in the fleet with respect to rig maintenance and inspection including interactions with our member boats during this past year.
     Aside from mandatory cadet time on the USCGC EAGLE, he is a lifelong recreational sailor and cruises the Chesapeake Bay on a 25 ft. Wittholz designed “Prudence” gaff rigged catboat.

Speaker – John Koon

     John’s scope of professional maritime experience is both extensive and diverse. Since 1977 he has logged many thousands of trans-oceanic miles aboard a spectrum of sail-rigged vessels ranging from 25′ to 155′, serving in the post of Licensed Master, Mate, Boatswain/Rigger, Celestial Navigator, Ships Carpenter, Educator, Research Associate and Single Hander. John began his professional career in the maritime trades inSouthern California1973 in a formal, five year, apprenticeship with a master woodworker specializing in custom yacht interiors,  pattern making, hull restorations & fine furnishings. With a Mariners license, sextant and wood tools in hand, landing a  paid-berth aboard the wood-built, classically rigged vessels transiting the south pacific proved fairly easy during the late 70s and early 80s. He eventually found himself landed inHawaiiand established his company Tradewinds Marine Services which he has been operating since 1988.
     Rigging, spar building & repair work was an obvious trajectory as John is very capable and at ease while working aloft. Over the past 25 years John has developed the self-proclaimed title of “Rig-Smith” and currently works full time in this realm on both, contemporary and classically rigged vessels in the roles of designer, builder, repairman, surveyor, consultant and educator for the private sector and the USCG Marine Prevention Dept. His well developed and diverse  skill development in these roles remain in demand in Hawaii, on both US seaboards and in Mexico. 
     As a public speaker, John has made presentations on this subject to numerous audiences all over the country including:  National Association of Marine Surveyors (NAMS) Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS) International Boat-builders Exposition (IBEX) USCG Prevention Dept, Inspectors in training seminars in five states including the USCG Academy in New London CT.

Speaker – Captain Joshua Berger, Sound Experience, Adventuress

    Joshua has sailed aboard Adventuress as captain and relief captain since 2004. During his leadership-driven career, he has proven abilities as a skilled and passionate professional mariner, educator and advocate ofPuget Soundhealth and restoration.  Joshua brings a history much like the Adventuress herself: a history full of spirit and intention; honored and privileged to explore and learn, engaged deeply as a hard working vessel and integral in the work towards healthy and sustainable communities. He earned a Master’s Degree from Antioch University in Seattle and a Bachelor’s Degree from The Evergreen State College.
     He has worked on everything from tall ships to tug boats and research vessels across the country and is deeply engaged in sustainability education as a community development consultant for statewide and regional participatory planning and socio-environmental change. He has been engaged with stories, visions and goals of thousands as they come together in partnership and collaboration. He cherishes his wife Miranda and raising his children as stewards and sailors.


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