Focus Session: Social Media Marketing –Getting Personal

Social Media Marketing – Getting Personal

The session will consider various marketing options and the analytics used to determine failure and success.  We will also discuss integration of the social media marketing campaign with web and mobile applications.

Speaker: Naomi Kabak, Senior Vice President, Group IST

Naomi Kabak began her career promoting tourism to Israel in 1961 by joining El Al Israel Airlines in New York working in the sales, reservations, and ticket offices. 

In 1996 Naomi joined B&V the parent company of Ewaterways as VP Sales, Marketing and Public Relations and in 2000 became the manager of the entire operation.  The principle of the company had ownership in several 8-12 passenger deluxe barges inFranceand the company did the marketing and capacity management for an entire fleet of about 15 barges.  The capacity was all managed electronically.  The company sold cruises on barges and riverboats, as well as a chain of aparthotels mostly in France. 

Beginning in 1996 the company invested heavily in ecommerce designing and operating several web sites.  This was supported with a state-of-the-art reservation and reporting system which enabled consumers to login and download their final travel documents and be kept aware of any schedule changes, new information, etc.  Travel agents could allow their clients to login and enter important passenger information, download documents, and manage their accounts without viewing any of the proprietary agent/operator/cruise company data.  It also enabled suppliers to logon and download all passenger information for each cruise and to check status.In 1998 the company decided not to publish any print materials and all sales and marketing efforts were web based.  Each site had an affiliate program with tracking capability.

In 2004 the company merged with Group IST where Naomi became the VP Marketing and Product Development and then VP Marketing and Business Development.  Among her responsibilities is overseeing the customer relationships for all Group IST brands.



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