2012 Speakers and Sessions…

39th Annual Conference on Sail Training and Tall Ships 2012
January 30-31, 2012 – Newport Marriott, Newport, Rhode Island

Day One – Monday, January 30

Keynote Address: Ralf Steitz, President USMMA Sailing Foundation

Social Media Marketing: Getting Personal

Say What You do, Do What You Say: Using the New Sail Training International Safety Mangement System Template

Learning to Deal with Behaviorally Challengeing Participants in the Field
Session Description

Navigating the Regulatory Seas I: Latest Issues

Big Results with a Small Staff: Blending Traditional and Modern Fundraising

Hot Topics in Marine Science

Working with your CVB and Community

The Future of Marine Weather Prediction Technology

New Member/Program Showcase A

Careers at Sea: So You Want to Sail For A Living?

General Session: Weather for All Levels

Day Two – Tuesday, January 31

Sponsorship in the New Economy

Navigating the Regulatory Seas II: Traditional Vessel Rig Inspections – an Ongoing Effort

Medical Pre-Screening and Pre-Existing Medical Conditions: What You Need to Know Before You Leave the Harbor

Maximizing a Ship Port Appearance

Risk Management and Decision Making: Using “Near Misses” and Incident Analysis to Teach and Create Safety Awareness in your Organization

Blogging: Get Smart about Content

Let the Sea be the Teacher: Trainee and Crew Developement with the Sea as Your Ally

Apps for Caps

New Program Showcase B

Closing Ceremonies: David Niebuhr

Day Three – Wednesday, February 1 – Safety Forum



The Human Factor


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