It wouldn’t be a conference without presenters

We are on the lookout for presenters           (Photo credit: Martien Uiterweerd)

The deadline for becoming a speaker is quickly approaching! October 15th is the last day  that you will be able to suggest a session to our conference committee. This is your chance to contribute to the conference.  We couldn’t do it without you! 

Share your knowledge and experience in one of these five areas with Tall Ships America members. Sessions may include a single presenter, co-presenters or a panel. Speakers should plan on making the session as interactive as possible.

~ Crew Training/Development

~ Ship’s Operations

~ Education

~ Ports

~ Administration

Each session will last one hour and fifteen minutes. Speakers should jointly occupy not more than 60 minutes of the allotted time for each session, leaving 15 minutes for questions and discussion.

Presenters are also being sought for the two Forums:

Safety Under Sail Forum 
Central theme: Risk Management

Education Under Sail Forum
Central themes:
1. Program/organizational sustainability 
2. The state of the world’s oceans

Please submit a short paragraph describing your proposed session to Captain Deborah Hayes, Your description should include a working title, the format you envision (panel, individual presenter, co-presenters or interactive workshop) as well as a brief summary of what information will be presented. Please indicate whether you would prefer to present in the Conference or during one of the Forums.

All proposals should be submitted by October 15th.

Tall Ships America appreciates the valuable contributions that mariners, educators and administrators make by speaking at this conference. Speakers serve as volunteers and do not receive compensation, but are eligible for a reduced conference fee (registration fee is waived for the day portion of the day of the presentation(s)).


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