New Conference Workshop: Rigs, Rigging and Riggers

Photo: Matt Maples

Rigs, Rigging and Riggers:  The Sailing Ship Rig as Propulsion Engine

Join fellow Tall Ships America Members (not a member?) for a two day intensive workshop on practical and theoretical aspects of the design, construction and operation of traditional sailing rigs.  Utilizing the workshop and classroom space of the U.S. Brig Niagara, participants will cover subjects including:

Wire and Rope Cordage
Metal, Wood and Composite Spars
Wire splicing and seizing
Setting  up and tuning traditional rigging
Rigging Inspection and working with the Tall Ships America Inspection Protocol
Modern materials in traditional rigging practices
The design and operation of the sailing rig as propulsion engine (Square Rig, Gaff Rig, Marconi)

Featured Presenters:
Captain Wes Heerssen- Brig Niagara
Captain Jonathan Kabak- United States Merchant Marine Academy
Captain Jan Miles- Pride of Baltimore II
Captain Walter Rybka- Brig Niagara
And many more!

Sessions will run from 0800-1700, February 2 & 3 (the Saturday and Sunday before the conference).  The cost for this seminar is $50/person which includes course materials and supplies as well as lunch.  Registration is open to all Tall Ships America Members in good standing who are registered for the Annual Conference.  Spaces are limited reserve your spot early!


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