Safety Forum Session: Essential Eligibility Criteria -A Risk Management Tool

Essential Eligibility Criteria -A Risk Management Tool

Updated 2.13.2013

Presenter: Catherine Hansen-Stamp, Attorney (click here for presentation)

Session Description:

More and more, programs are being faced with challenging access to program issues.  The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides individuals with disabilities, under appropriate circumstances, “integrated” (vs. separate) access to programs.  Qualifying organizations are required to consider reasonable modifications to provide access to those with disabilities.  Importantly though, individuals seeking access to your programs may or may not have a legally protected disability, but may nonetheless have a significant health issue, or simply not be ready or willing to handle what the program has to offer.  This session will focus on developing Essential Eligibility Criteria (EEC) for your programs as a practical and ethical way to address access to program challenges for ALL individuals – whether those individuals have a legally protected disability or not.  We will provide a brief overview of the legal background and steps involved in addressing ADA program access requirements and developing EEC as a risk management tool. The rest of the session will then be conducted in small breakout groups.  Each group will be given a hypothetical program, activity and location, being tasked to develop a set of EEC for that program.  Groups will present their EEC findings to the larger group for group discussion. 

Biography of Speaker:

Catherine Hansen- Stamp
Catherine Hansen- Stamp

Catherine Hansen-Stamp is an attorney in Golden, Colorado.  She advises recreation and adventure providers and product manufacturers/sellers on law, liability and risk management issues.  She speaks and writes on these issues both regionally and nationally, and has presented at the Wilderness Risk Managers’ Conference since its inception in 1994, as well as numerous other conferences in the last 20 years.  Cathy provides legal counsel to a variety of organizations, includingcamps and outdoor programs, public and private schools, outfitters and guides, dude ranches, science and environmental programs, challenge course builders and facilitators, adventure product manufacturers/sellers, resort owners, competitive event sponsors and others.  She is a member of the Wyoming and Colorado Bar Associations.  She co-authors the Outdoor Ed Adventure and Recreation Law Center and the American Camp Association Campline with Reb Gregg and can be reached at


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