Focus Session- Investing in Your Crew: Our Industry Image Begins Aboard Ship

Investing in Your Crew:  Our Industry Image Begins Aboard Ship

Updated 2.13.2013

Session Leader: Catherine Collins, Executive Director, Sound Experience aboard the historic schooner Adventuress (click here for presentation)

Presenters: Dawn Santamaria, Founder & Executive Director, Sisters Under Sail (click here for presentation)
                          Captain Jan Miles, Pride of Baltimore II (click here for presentation)

Session Description:

Taking the time to prepare your crew members to deliver the desired organizational/ship/industry image and message(s) about your mission is an important part in furthering a stronger relationship with the public, participants and our hosting ports. Whether you are a valuable crew member, staff leadership or port organizer, this session will share ideas and best practices from a few of the organizations who invest significant time in their crew to reflect a positive image on their ship and Tall Ship industry – as well as the image of the ports they visit.

Biography of Speakers:

Catherine Collins

Collins, Catherine croppedLR

Catherine has been Executive Director for Sound Experience, the Puget Sound-based nonprofit organization that owns and operates the historic schooner Adventuress, since 2006.  With an MBA and more than two decades in non-profit fundraising and management, Catherine has raised nearly $1 million in capital funds for the Adventuress Centennial Restoration Project in recent years from federal, state and foundation sources. She has worked for national youth development/service organizations including Outward Bound and City Year, and spent a decade building local economics with ACCION USA – a subsidiary of microfinance leader ACCION International. A native of Massachusetts, Catherine grew up sailing Cape Cod waters. Her interest in environmental education aboard ships was influenced by her experience in 1993 as a volunteer educator aboard the Clearwater on New York’s Hudson River.  In 2012, Catherine was appointed to the WA State Governor’s Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.

Dawn Santamaria

Dawn Santamaria
Dawn Santamaria

Founder and Executive Director of Sisters Under Sail, Dawn Santamaria, was honored with the 2011 Leadership In Women’s Sailing Award by the National Women’s Sailing Association and BoatU.S..

The annual award honors an individual who has built up a record of achievement in inspiring, educating, and enriching the lives of women and girls through sailing.  Ms. Santamaria’s grassroots non-profit organization, Sisters Under Sail, is dedicated to helping teen girls build confidence, develop leadership skills, and witness first-hand what women can do together when focused on a common goal.  The organization delivers their mission through sail training aboard the all female-crewed tall ship, Unicorn, which is owned by the Santamaria family.  Sisters was founded in 2005 and has put aboard over 500 teenage girls and 300 women.  Her ship and crew have participated in 32 tall ship port events, welcome thousands of community members across her brow and host dockside receptions each season. 

Captain Jan Miles

Captain Jan Miles
Captain Jan Miles

Captain Miles joined Pride, Inc. in 1981 and was one of three rotating Captains on the original Pride of Baltimore. He is a traditional sailing ship master with more than 35 years of experience as a professional sailor. His voyages include five Atlantic Ocean crossings, as well as three Pacific voyages of 5,000 miles, each taking about 25 days. He has traversed the Saint Lawrence Seaway more than a dozen times. Captain Miles holds a USCG 500 Ocean Master License for Power and Sail, as well as numerous other certifications.

Prior to joining Pride, Inc., Captain Miles served as master or mate aboard 15 vessels, including Lady Maryland, Californian, Bill of Rights, New Way, Harvey Gamage, Brilliant and Clearwater. Along the way he also helped develop model sailing programs for youth at risk. His accomplishments and contributions to the sail training profession have been recognized both within and outside of the maritime community. He was named Marylander of the Year by the Colonial Society of Maryland in 2001 and Sail Trainer of the Year by the American Sail Training Association (ASTA) in 2003. In 2005, he received on behalf of Pride of Baltimore II’s sail-training and professional crew the Special Seamanship Award by Sail Training International. This was given to recognize the conduct of those aboard during and immediately after Pride of Baltimore II’s catastrophic dismasting in 2005 while 100 nautical miles at sea in the Bay of Biscay. Captain Miles was also recently a Steering Group Member for Sail Training International on a project to develop self-assessment tools for Sail Training program evaluation.


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