Focus Session: Social Media 201

Social Media 201

Updated 1.9.2013

Presenter: Craig Samborski, Draw Events

Session Description:

Now that we know the basics of placing ads on facebook, let’s dig a little deeper. Craig will discuss fine-tuning our target audience; ad testing and evaluating return on investment with new fan acquisition. 
Once we’ve acquired a social media fan base, what do we do with them? We’ll talk about engaging fans through posts, commenting, how to deal with thread hijackers, trolls and crisis communication on social media. Finally, we’ll learn about using social media channels together. 

Biography of Speaker:

Craig Samborski
Craig Samborski

Craig Samborski is a Minnesota-based event planner and live entertainment producer. He began his career as a special event coordinator at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center, eventually becoming the Director of Entertainment.

In 2004 Craig started his own entertainment production company touring extensively with John Prine,  The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Broadway shows: Mamma Mia!, Riverdance and Cirque. Craig has produced too many events to remember throughout the US and Canada, from small intimate events to festivals with attendance exceeding 100,000 guests. Craig’s expertise lies in event marketing, promotion, budgeting, and technical production. Craig is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and holds a Masters Degree from the University of Wisconsin.

Craig is currently the event producer for Tall Ships Duluth and the Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial Festival/Re-creation.


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