General session – Health, Safety, Security and Risk Management in the Digital Age

Health, Safety, Security and Risk Management in the Digital Age

Updated 2.13.2013

Presenters: Bill Frederick, Director, Lodestone Safety International 
                        Catherine Hansen-Stamp, Attorney

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Session Description: An interactive session designed to promote an understanding of the risk management and legal implications for real time programming, emerging expectations for safety, and the new pace of crisis response in the digital age. Smartphones, Facebook, Twitter, etc. have transformed the speed and nature of our communications with profo9und impacts on the way in which programs manage risks and consider legal issues. Presenters will discuss a diverse array of topics including information acquisition and digital communication pre/during/post- program and  after a critical incident, with consideration given to the instantaneous spread and permanent nature of digital information.

Biography of Speakers

Bill Frederick

Bill Frederick
Bill Frederick

Bill Frederick is the founder and director of Lodestone Safety International providing training and program development for educational and service organizations operating overseas. Prior to that he was the Director of Safety at The School for Field Studies (SFS) for eight years. He has served as project leader for the Forum on Education Abroad’s pilot incident database and as co chair for the inaugural Forum Standards Institute: Beyond the Basics of Health, Safety and Security. He has led numerous international safety reviews and served for 16 years with Outward Bound. As a senior instructor and faculty committee member for Wilderness Medical Associates (WMA), he has taught emergency medicine to educators, rescue teams and international service organizations in over a dozen countries and designed WMA’s Travel Medicine First Aid course. He holds a B.A in Psychology from the University of Colorado, an M.Ed from Harvard University and a Certificate of Travel Health (CTH) from the International Society of Travel Medicine

Catherine Hansen-Stamp

Catherine Hansen Stamp
Catherine Hansen Stamp

Catherine Hansen-Stamp is an attorney in Golden, Colorado.  She advises recreation, adventure and sport program providers and product manufacturers/sellers on law, liability and risk management issues.  She speaks and writes on these issues both regionally and nationally, and has presented at the Wilderness Risk Managers’ Conference since its inception in 1994, as well as numerous other conferences in the last 20 years.  Cathy provides legal counsel to a variety of organizations, including camps and outdoor programs, public and private schools, outfitters and guides, dude ranches, science and environmental programs, challenge course builders and facilitators, adventure product manufacturers/sellers, resort owners, competitive event sponsors and others.  She is a member of the Wyoming and Colorado Bar Associations.  She co-authors the Outdoor Ed Adventure and Recreation Law Center and the American Camp Association Campline with Reb Gregg and can be reached at


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